About Me (repost)

i love these thngs!

Chapter 1


Area- Where The Wild Things Are

Birthday- April 9th

Age(when this was made)- 13

Nickname- Peace/Peaceling/Bim/Neen

Location- Crapville

Height- 5"5

Weight- 130

Hair Color- Gold

Eye Color- grey blue

Ethinity- English, some French,some Spanish, (my last name s actually Moantas de Oca but my great-great-great grandad changed it for some dumb reason) some Irish, some German, some Cherokee Indian

Favorite Colors- black, silver, red, purple

Least Favorite Colors- pink and yellow. X-(

Favorite Foods- KCF, steak, ice cream

Least Favorite Foods- tomatoes

I can speak- English, Greek, and French.

Favorite TV shows- Say Yes to the Dress

Favorite TV/Book Genres- Classical, Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare Abbey, and Alice in Wonderland type of stuff

Favorite Music Genres- Opera, classical, some pop, a little bit of everything

Singers/Bands- AWOLNATION, Renee Fleming, Andrea Bocelli, Anna Netrebko, Pussycat Dolls

Favorite Songs (with lyrics)- Not Your Fault - AWOLNATION, O Mio Babbino Caro - Renee Fleming, Jai Ho - PCD

Siblings- 1 big sis, 1 little sis, 2 lttle bros


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