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this is so sad. I am lucky enough for it not to happen to me, but it happens to so many people.

Chapter 1

D: so sad....

I'm sick of being bullied
And bossed around all day.
I'm sick of being pushed around
And being told 'you can't play.'

I'm sick of wearing the wrong clothes
And not knowing what say or do
I'm sick of people whispering
About how I don't have a clue.

I'm sick of never being invited
And sick of not fitting in.
I'm sick of always giving up
And letting the bad guys win.

I'm sick of laughing at the wrong times
And feeling like every day is a war.
I'm sick of being bullied
And not even knowing what for.

I'm sick of all the rich kids
Who think they are the best
I'm just so sick of it all,
But I never get a rest.

I'm sick of mean people,
Who always get their way.
I just hope that someday,
Someday they will all go away.

originally by Crazy4Cookies (Sarah)


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