Well here's my title. I hate titles. So read the story and don't judge it by it's title. Seriously, stories are pretty nice things once you get to know them. So read this(for a laugh)

Chapter 1

My name is Hello :|

by: FerSure
Okay. Here's the thing, you don't actually have to read this but I guess you could, if you were extremely bored. Now stop. Bianca said it was the tacos fault. Now stop. Potato should win the elections this year. Now stop.

Well I am very sorry about such randomness, it escapes me sometimes. Here's the thing about numbers: I like that. And Adele might've set fire to the rain, but I set fire to Justin bieber and that is much more appreciated, why thank you. Also,I proved miley cyrus is a horse because she can't be tamed.

A very smart friend of mine with the high IQ of 13.8 once told me this very inspiring quote:"Question, question. The power of the question". And think of it: a question could mean a whole universe of things, for example: WHY is selena Gomez alive? WHO the hell ruined this world(actually that was mrs and mr bieber)? Or WHAT did Amanda kill today? So just think how powerful questions can be and don't listen to Friday by Rebecca black!

So right now I have 20000 characters remaining so I might make this worth your time! Not really... Oh well, :P

Hey I just met you and this is crazy but my name is Hello so yeah ._.

Well have you ever wanted to have something do all your chores for you? Do you ever think you don't have enough time? Are you missing out on something? If you answered yes to any of these questions, well then the iEmo is right for you! :D . Anything you need? Ask iEmo! (warning: the iEmo might have aids, might leave bloodstains on your carpet and it's most likely to cry on your milkshake)SO ORDER NOW!

Thank you, for reign this useless piece of garbage...


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