You Found Me~A One Direction Love Story

Chapter 1

Character Infos and Courtney's Pov

My Character's Info

Name: Courtney Henderson
Age: 15
Appearance: has brown hair, blue eyes, small for her age
Personality: random, happy all the time, loud, kinda has niall's personality a little bit
Crush: Niall Horan
Family: Has a stepmother and two stepsisters that can be mean
Other: Gets bullied alot in school

SodapopHarryLouis's Character info

Name: Lacey Tracker
Age: 14
Apperance: long curly blonde hair, green eyes, fairly tall
Personality: Shy, lovable, likes to have fun, and doesnt open up to you unless she gets to know you
Crush: Zayn Malik
Fam: 3 little brothers, mom who ignores her.
Other: is afraid of motorcycles cus of an accident with her previous boyfriend who broke her heart

Courtney's Pov

I woke up and got ready for school. I grabbed my schoolbag and walked to school. I went in the school doors and got to my locker. Two guys came over to me and said "Hey Courtney". I said "Uh hey guys". I got my books and was about to walk away when they both grabbed me and threw me up against the wall. One of them said "Look like Courtney seems a little taller now". They were laughing and I said "You guys are jerks". One of them said "Well looks like we have to do this". They both had their fists near my face and I closed my eyes.

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