My life story.

This is my story on how I became what I am. A lesbian.

Chapter 1

The beginning.

It started when I was 12. My mom and dad were having a custody battle for me and my 16 siblings. Finally my mom won and we coyld escape our torturous dad. 3 months later we heard the news that my dad had married a prostitute half his age. And moved to Texas. My mom was launched into a deep depression. She could not raise us on her own. So zhe opened up and started dating. At first she would only bring guys home. Then girls were scattered in. Then she only brought home girls, some as young as 20. My mom turned lesbian. A week after my 15th birthday, she brought home a girl who was only 19. Note: my mom is 35. That is when she gave me the lesbian talk. She said, "Serena, you cant trust men. So I want you to try givings women a chance." She took my hand and put it in the girl's. Her name is Hannah. My mom said "Hannah and you should give being together a try. So I want you to kiss." I have always wanted to kiss a girl, so I closed my eyes eyes and leaned forward. Our lips met. She put her hand behind my head and I wraped my arm arond her back. We made out for about 5 minutes, then things got real. We stripped down and had oral. She made me orgasm in ways I never thought possible. Long story short, Hannah is my GF now and I am lesbian.


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