Live While We're Young - One Direction Love Story

Live While We're Young - One Direction Love Story

Hey this is a group story with:

Chapter 1


Name:Areli Turner
Has dark brown hair, brown eyes, short, is really loud, has a bit of an attitude sometimes, always makes people laugh,likes to draw, act, and people often confuse her with Selena Gomez.

Name:Reyna De Leon
Has curly brown hair, brown eyes, has beauty mark on left side on top of her lip, wears glasses, likes dancing, tall, smart, shy around people she doesn't know, bubbly with her friends, and is a bit self conscious.

Name:Ally Smith
Has long brown hair, blue eyes, tall, tan, mum died in car crash, dad lives in London, moved out the age of 17, works at Nando's, dances, sings, and a little acting.

Areli's P.O.V

"And done!" I said as I put away the last thing in our new apartment "It took you that long to unpack?" Reyna said waking up from her nap "Well I would've finished earlier but SOMEONE decided to take a nap and not help me" "Hey! when you fly from the US all the way to London you have to be tired" she said laughing "Well maybe you should've slept on the plane" I said laughing "I wanted to watch movies" "Ok well do you wanna go out and do something?" "Yeah we should go to Nando's, my friend Ally works there" I put on my sunglasses and said "Let's go"

When we got there we suddenly got surrounded by people with cameras. They kept yelling out "Selena!" I was so confused "What's going on?!?" I tried telling Reyna. Then they left running towards some other people, I couldn't really see who it was, but we just kept walking. "What just happened?" Reyna asked me "I have no idea" I said "Maybe they thought you were Selena Gomez just like people used to think back home" she said "Oh no, not this again." I said a little annoyed.

We finally got inside Nando's and sat down when someone came over, "Hey! It's so great to see you again!" I heard Reyna say as she hugged a girl. "Areli this is Ally, Ally this is Areli" she said introducing us. "Nice to meet you!" I said "Nice to meet you too!" she said. They were talking so I excused myself to go to the restroom.

I was walking towards the restroom when suddenly I bumped into someone and fell on the floor. "Oh so sorry about that" someone said. They reached out a hand to help me up, "Are you ok?" they asked. My eyes widened "Yeah, I'm fine" I said, then I walked away. I couldn't believe who I had just bumped into.

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