My first Fan-Fic! A Hard Day's Night

This is not a romance. It's merely a brain-fart from my weird mind. If you read it, please comment. You don't realize how much work I tore up before I made this. I honestly don't care if you say it sucks or whatever but please comment, just so I know who cares.Bye! (Ps Sorry about how it's hard to read, I couldn't figure out how to fix that.)

Chapter 1

A Hard Day's Night

"Wow, this rain is coming down hard.John, turn on the radio."
Brian said,obviously worried that they were going to go off the road at any moment because the road was slick and icy.John turned up the radio and found a station you could understand.
"Rain is coming down hard. Temperature is dropping quick. If you are on the road get off because it's about to start snowing and you will freeze and die.Find shelter." With that, the station continued playing what seemed like horrible
sounds coming from a dying cat.Paul, George, and Ringo grimaced in the backseat.

"wow, that was really amazing." John stated, most serious. "John, are you crazy! That sounded like Paul when I ran him over with the lawnmower!"Ringo stated.
Just then another news bulletin came on the radio."If you are on Hwy 29 coming into Glanville (which they were), don't come any closer! The roads have turned to ice. Pile-ups everywhere! All night a new artist's record will be
playing.Let her singing take you far away from this chaos and to a place where dying animals run free!:)Here's Y.."
Hey, what was that for?!"John practically yelled.
"We need to get off this road. Look for lights or a drive-way or something." Brian responded. Paul was looking through his window and said, very daintily, "Why I do declare, I see a candle in the window of a very dreary house,yes, very dreary house, indeed very...."Brian turned into a very long
drive-way leading to a 3-story house with a very dim light in the window. He hoped that it was a person and not just a reflection of his headlights.

When they got to the front, the light went out.Right then the snow started coming down hard.Brian turned off the car and the boys made sure thay had their jackets,and got out and walked to the huge
double doors. Brian got into his position as respectful manager and rang the dusty doorbell.When nobody answered,Brian said "I think this place might be an Inn.With all the snow we might have just missed the sign." He opened the door and it did appear to be an old hotel, just abandoned.Nobody in sight. "Brian this place is abandoned. Let's just find
a fire-place and go to sleep. The storm will be over by morning."
John said,clearly tired and hungry.
George started wandering with John while the other three stayed in the lobby, looking for candles.They (John & George) found a
closet in the dim light and John opened the door and stuck his hand in."Hmm, let's see.Spider, spider, bug, oh, hello there, sorry, and.....candles."He pulled all the candles out and George lit his and John's. George started to stare off
into the darkness.John followed his line of sight and saw a freshly made ham sandwich."I 'aven't had anything to
eat all day.It looks good enough" "George, I wouldn't do that."John said, Though he knew how George was with food.
George stalked over to the sandwich, stared at it lustfully, and took a glorious bite.Fireworks started popping in his head.
"Um, George, how is it?"John asked. "Life flows on within you and without you."He then saw a random sitar
on the counter, picked it up, and started playing some tunes.John led George into the lobby by the hair, where Brian proceded to freak.
"George, what happened to you?" Brian practically fainted, seeing George's sitar and newly grown past the shoulders hair.
"Ravi Shankar, Jai Guru Deva Om"He responded. Paul took out a hot kettle of tea and filled up a cup.
"Dear Brian, do drink this, it will help you calm down.Now just drink this. You don't want to get premature
wrinkles.No you wouldn't. No you wouldn't"
As was with most conversations with Paul, the others just stared at him
akwardly while he sipped his own cup of tea.Ringo interrupted the weird silence by saying "I think we should find a room with a bed in it and get to sleep. John, come with me." Ringo and John walked up the stairs together and John
opened the first door and peeked his head in while Ringo held his candle.It was just a closet, but as he stuck his head in
he saw a very attractive woman. "John, come on. We need to find a bedroom." John quickly slammed the door as the woman reached out to touch him.
Ringo went over to the next as John admired himself in a mirror on the wall.
A hand started coming out of the mirror while a voice kept calling his name. "John, John, John..."over and over.
Right before the hand could reach him, he backed away and ran to Ringo. "Hey Rings, what was in this door." Ringo had a confused look
on his face and started walking away, but John was curious and opened the door.Behind it stood David Bowie.
He grabbed John close and whispered in his ear "The future is going in One Direction. Beware Lady Beiber, beware Lady Beiber..."
before silently closing the door.(Sorry if you like them, no offense) "Hey John, get the others, I found a bed."
John closed the door and went down to get the others.........
"Well, it looks like we'll be sleeping here tonight. Everyone find a place on the floor."At this Paul started flippin'.
"Oh dear, I cannot bear to sleep on the floor like a dog. A person of my gentle disposition..." He would have said more, but Brian wasn't up
for that. "Okay Paul, go find another room. It shouldn't be that hard, this place is a huge old hotel."
"I don't much fancy sleeping on the floor. I'll go with 'im" Ringo offered. Paul went into the room across the hall an Ringo into
the room next to it.Right before Ringo was finally about to fall asleep, he heard a loud scream come from Paul's room.
He rushed in there to see what happened, and saw that an arm had some up through the floorboards and grabbed Paul's pants, but not the legs.
"They've got a hold of me." Paul yelled, terrified.
The hand started to try to pull Paul down with it, but Ringo stomped that thing out. Like jacked that thing up.
The arm disappeared through the floorboards, and when Ringo looked back to Paul, Paul had a mustache and beard.
"Umm, Paul are you feeling okay. Maybe you should get out that kettle of tea."Ringo said.
"Aww, who needs tea? This'll fix me right up." He pulled out a bottle of gin and drank the whole bottle before smashing it on his head.
"Oh and Rings, I just thought of a new song. It's called 'Helter Skelter'" Ringo dragged Paul into Brians room by the beard.
"Brian, there's something wrong with Paul." Ringo explained it to Brian while George mumbled something about a Dark Horse.
"I think we've stayed here long enough." They made sure they were all there before descending the stairs.
Brian led the way, dragging Paul who wanted to stay and fight, followed George who was randomly talking
about how all things must pass, followed by Ringo and lastly John.
Ringo had just gotten out the door when he looked
back and saw two very pale hands pull John away. He went to reach for him but the doors closed in his face. "Help, Ringo"
Ringo banged and pulled on the doors with the other four, but they couldn't get them open.
Paul suggested breaking a window and beating up that thing, but Brian said that whatever it was wasn't human and they should get the police.
So they got back into their freezing car, and drove to an old farmhouse about a mile away. They were all very nervous
the next day, but the police had told them they found John just chilling with some girl. Finally they heard the police car pull up.
They all rushed outside, only to see a shaggy, overly-bearded John being followed by a pale Asian lady.
"Ahhh," Paul screamed "It's the grudge!" "Oh, fine Paul you call my girl ugly, Linda wasn't all that great either."
"Oh John, I'm so glad you're okay! But...who's that girl?" Brian asked.
"This is the love of me life, and she was the
one making all that beautiful music on the radio yesterday. Oh and we made an album last night. Here is what we
want the cover to look like..." John and Yoko ripped off their robes and struck a pose in front of all. Ringo and Brian turned away.

"We'll Brian, looks like we're the only ones who came out normal after last night.
Glad to know I'll have one person in the studio who is alright."
"Ringo, I don't think I can make it anymore" Brian took one last look
at naked John and Yoko,and died right there:`( Ringo sighed and started singing "all by myself, I don't want to be,
all by myself, anymore."



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