Expedition 101

Angelina Webber has always had to learn things the hard way. In a world where image is vital and society is corrupted, the sixteen year old who prefers to dress in her own style has never been accepted. Disowned by her own mother and father, she lives with her ninety year-old grandmother. But one day, everything changes – when two human beings land in her vegetable garden. These people are not your average human beings, and they are not from the average planet. They're here for Expedition 10

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The door opened to reveal two figures, conversing normally as though they landed spaceships in innocent people’s gardens every day. Angelina watched from her position on the floor, her mouth slightly agape.

As the two people stepped out of the white spaceship and onto the grass, she could see them better. They were human, that was for sure. She could tell that just by looking at the way they were built, tentacle-less, thank goodness. Yet the two were not wearing spacesuits as you would’ve expected, instead clad in everyday clothing. Except, then again, it wasn’t exactly what you’d describe as everyday clothing.

The woman on the left had long hair, kept in tight pink braids. Her eyes were surrounded by a bright blue colour, as though someone had gone overboard with eye shadow, except it was more painted than glittery. She was dressed in what would’ve been a simple jumpsuit, if it wasn’t for the studded purple jewels that covered every inch of the material. Similar jewels trailed down her bare arms and legs in a diamond pattern.

Next to her stood a man holding a silver device to his mouth. “Expedition 101 landed,” he spoke into the object, his big blue tinged lips sparkling as they moved. You would’ve thought that no one could be as eccentric as the woman next to him, but this man certainly challenged that. His skin was completely coloured in light green, in a way that immediately made Angelina think of the slimy skin of a snake. The big smile on his face was completely un-snakelike as he flashed his blue teeth at her friendlily. “Hello, dear,” he chirped in his high voice.

Angelina stared at him, blinking, and her mouth moving up and down like a gold fish. She couldn’t seem to form any intelligible words. Let’s be honest, what was there to say when something like this happened?

The man’s grin faded as Angelina continued to stare at him, her expression shocked.

“Look what you’ve done!” the woman exclaimed loudly, causing her gaze to snap to hers. The woman moved alarmingly fast and bent in front of her, her big green eyes looking at her curiously. “You’ve scared her,” she scolded the man, whose eyes filled with tears at being told off.

The man sniffled loudly, his bottom lip trembling, and the woman rolled her eyes. “Don’t cry now, Luka,” she said, rubbing Angelina’s arm comfortingly.
“She’s only surprised. Remember what they said in training.”

“Humans on Planet Earth may be surprised or alarmed by spaceships landing on their territory,” they both recited at exactly the same pace. It was obvious that the sentence had been hammered into their brains.

“Exactly,” the woman said.

Angelina, who had been watching the spectacle with a very alarmed expression, swallowed. She tried to open her mouth to speak, but found that her throat was feeling very heavy. Her heart was hammering loudly in her chest, and she could
feel herself getting dizzy as the situation overwhelmed her.

Swallowing again, she somehow managed to open her mouth. A small timid noise escaped her lips, causing the two people, who had been preoccupied talking about how perhaps she was mute, turn to her with a surprised expression.

If she hadn’t been so busy feeling scared and overwhelmed, Angelina probably would have laughed at the humorous expression on Luka’s face. His bright blue hair that was spiked out in all directions, not unlike a lion’s mane, and his mouth that was open in a small ‘o’ made him look like he had been struck by lightning.

“Ooh!” he exclaimed, jumping lightly with excitement, before rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. “Look, Erika, ooh! She, oh my, she spoke,” he stumbled over his words in his excitement.

“I realised,” Erika replied, pursing her lips together at his childish behaviour. It was obvious that he was the younger and less experienced, not to mention outgoing, of the pair. “What’s your name?” she asked kindly, standing up and offering her hand to Angelina, who was still sat where she had fallen.

“A-Angelina,” she managed to stammer out. She eyed Erika’s outstretched hand for a moment before reaching out and shaking it lightly.

The woman stared at her as though she was mad. Blushing, she realised that the hand was there to help her up, not to shake. She waited with bated breath for Erika to make a comment about her mistake, as anyone else would have done. Finally after staring into her green eyes for ten tense seconds, it became clear that she wasn’t going to make fun of her.

She clasped Erika’s hand tightly, relieved when the woman pulled her up for the ground. Once upright, she removed her hand from hers, looking between the two apprehensively.

“Who are you?” she asked, pleased that she had regained her voice.

The man didn’t waste time rushing forward to answer her question. “Luka, miss,” he said enthusiastically, taking her hand and shaking it furiously. “And this is-”

“Erika,” the woman interrupted, smiling. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Angelina felt her heart rate slowing again as her shock subsided. It was replaced by confusion now. “I mean, who are you?” she pressed. She had thought it would be obvious that she hadn’t meant names, rather, why on earth- or perhaps, not on Earth- had these two strange humans landed in her vegetable garden? The thought caused her to wince, her eyes going to the space shuttle where her beloved carrots had once been.

“Oh.” Luka looked to Erika with apprehensive eyes. They shared a glance, before Erika turned to Angelina and began to explain.

“You live on planet Earth, otherwise known as The World,” she said. Angelina nodded slowly. “You are a human, and share this planet with humans and animals.” That was obvious, Angelina thought. “We live on planet Montoon. Our planet is only home to humans.” Erika paused, waiting for that to sink in.

“There’s another planet?” she thought out loud. How could there be another planet with life on it? This was the stuff that you only daydreamed about, or dreamed of at night. Shouldn’t the scientists have discovered it? Their rocket science was supposed to be advanced. There were always NASA scientists on the news boasting about how much space technology had improved in the last ten years. Yet there was another planet full of humans that we had never discovered. “How did you know about us?” Angelina blurted out, the thought suddenly dawning on her.

“We’ve been learning about planet Earth for hundreds of years,” Luka breathed, his eyes turning glassy. “My father and grandfather were in Expedition 101 before me. That’s how I learnt the Earthargic,” he said obviously. It was clear that he’d spent his whole life dreaming of landing on Planet Earth. No wonder he was so excited at every little thing.


“The language of the Earth,” he spoke in a whisper as though it was a big, exciting secret.

“The language of the main leaders of the Earth,” Erika corrected. “On Montoon, we all speak Hijari.”

“But why are you here?” Angelina asked. “What is Expedition 101?”

“Expedition 101,” Erika spoke in a hushed tone, and Angelina couldn’t help but lean closer with interest. “To evacuate the chosen citizens of Planet Earth to Planet Montoon.”

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