Expedition 101

Angelina Webber has always had to learn things the hard way. In a world where image is vital and society is corrupted, the sixteen year old who prefers to dress in her own style has never been accepted. Disowned by her own mother and father, she lives with her ninety year-old grandmother. But one day, everything changes – when two human beings land in her vegetable garden. These people are not your average human beings, and they are not from the average planet. They're here for Expedition 10

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

1 new message from unknown number

Angelina sucked in a breath, staring at the screen of her smart phone with apprehension. She knew she shouldn’t open the message, but curiosity was clawing at her chest. What would it be this time? The last one focused on her financial status, the one before taking a dig at the way her nose was out of place.

She tapped the screen before she could back out, reading the message there with narrowed eyes. No wonder ur parents disowned u when u dress like that. U little emo slutbag.

Slutbag… that was a new one. She was used to being named an emo, of course. Anyone who dared to dress differently than the way society stated was apparently an emo. They should really have looked up the definition of the word before using it as an insult though, Angelina thought. Emo was short for emotional, not for people who wore darker clothes, like herself.

She deleted the message without hesitation. If she let the messages get to her, she’d have committed suicide long ago. The only problem was that the more you ignored them, the more intense it got. There was only so much one person could handle. But Angelina prided herself in being a tough cookie to crack.

She dumped her phone on the kitchen table, walking to the kitchen window to look outside at the neat garden of her grandmother’s house - well, her house as well. She hadn’t been to her parents’ house since 2017, when she was eleven years old. It was 2022 now, and Angelina had recently turned sixteen. Most people her age would be holding massive house parties for their sixteenth birthday, with tons of friends and even strangers attending- all of them with slim waists, high cheekbones, tall and skinny legs, perfectly manicured hands. Yet Angelina spent her sixteenth birthday alone with her normal waist, normal cheekbones, chunky legs, big hands, and dressed in her usual black clothes instead of a beautiful prom-worthy dress.

Not that she minded looking after her grandma on her birthday. She owed it to the ninety year old woman. She had done more than give Angelina a home. She had cared for her as though she was her own daughter, and supported her in everything she did. Angelina knew that if she could have, her grandma would have paid for home tuition, instead of leaving her to be judged by the people in school. It was the least Angie, as her grandmother called her, could do to refuse the offer. And it was a good thing she had done so as well, since they needed all the spare money they could to pay for her medical bills. Her grandmother had been unwell for several months now.

“Grandma!” Angelina called up the stairs. There was no answer, but she knew that her grandmother had heard her. Her voice was just too weak to carry downstairs. “I’m going outside to do some gardening. Ring the bell if you need me,” she explained, grabbing her coat from the hanger and pulling it through her arms. She put on her gardening boots before slipping out of the door and into the murky air outside.

The girl felt a motherly feeling for the vegetables that she grew in the garden, as strange as it may sound. She spent a lot of time digging, planting, watering and nurturing the vegetables when she had nothing else to do. It had become a sort of hobby recently, even in such dismal weather like this. She was used to rain in Britain, though.

She approached the carrots first, bending over them and inspecting the first couple. They were almost fully grown, but they weren’t as bright and healthy as she would’ve hoped. It was probably due to the lack of sunlight the past few weeks, she guessed.

There wasn’t much she could do for the carrots, so she set to digging up a new set of soil where she could plant some flowers to brighten up the appearance of the garden. That would make her grandmother happy hopefully.

It only took her several minutes to create a decent sized hole in the section where the flowers could go. Her hands were used to the gardening labour, and the motions of scooping the soil up and down were soothing to her now.

It was only as she began to wipe her dirty hands together that Angelina sensed that something strange was happening. The wind had begun to pick up, whirling around her in a panic and nipping at her bare cheeks. The leaves on the trees and bushes around her were flapping as though caught in a whirlwind, and for a moment, she thought that she could feel the ground trembling slightly beneath her feet.

The weird thing was that the leaves were flapping away from where she was stood, as though the source of the sudden wind was coming from her. That’s what caused her to look up in confusion, searching for something that could explain the sudden change in weather.

Of course, Angelina hadn’t expected to see a large white object quickly descending towards her, big fans whirring in action above it. For a moment, she stared at the object, her eyes widening as she realised that it was headed straight for her head. She managed to leap out of the way just in time, tripping over her shovel and landing on her butt in the pile of soil she’d made.

The object landed in front of her, the fans halting as it touched ground. Angelina had only a moment to worry about her precious carrots, before her mind worked out what was in front of her.

A small space ship had just landed in Angelina Webber’s carrot patch.

Hope you enjoy! It's different than my usual stories, but I like writing different things anyway. It's my entry to The Quibblo Contest #1. Good look to all who have entered! Please rate and comment.

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