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Chapter 1

i missed you guys so much and i am crying and this is so depressing

i don't want to be in my school anymore they make me feel so stupid and oh goodness the tears and i had an outburst with a classmate through text of course because i write not talk and oh God please God

please i'm sorry i havent prayed in a long time and i know i know i know i know i know i know

i know

please stop



i need You


i cant wait Lord i couldnt

please i beg of you please stop

i can't breathe anymore and i can't take it im so so so screwed

please dont let this happen again or i could commit a major sin i dont want to go through this again

help me.


my ears are blocked
please make them stop
those are piercing
and i am hearing

help me now
or see me gone

one more time
and i would be none

seven more months of this
wish me luck,please


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