2022 - The year of the Smart Phone

:) Hope you guys enjoy my short story!

Chapter 1


by: Jaediie
"Mom, when did I start saving money again?" I asked curiously as we were walking home from the grocery store.
Mom narrowed her eyes and put on a thinking face. "The beginning of 7th grade." She replied and laughed.
I lightly punched her. "Why is that funny?" I laughed also.
"Because of how little you have saved up." She said.
We were nearing our house now.
"I saved up over $300!" I yelled playfully.
"For you it is a lot." She smiled. "We pay almost six times as much just to live in this house every month." She said and ruffled my hair, which I did not appreciate, because I was now a teenager and also in 8th grade.
We were walking up the slippery steps of my house. I frowned.
"Where are the keys?" I asked. She hadn't taken them out yet.
"We don't need them, remember?" She told me. And then I remembered. Dad had just bought a stupid new touch system. It makes us look rich. You have to program your finger print and signature into it. It looks like a giant Smart Phone on the front door, only you can't get it off.

Mom carefully walked up the ice-coated steps, flipped up the plastic protector box and put her finger against the shiny pad. She held it there for two seconds, and the door opened automatically. It was creepy; like something you would see in a horror movie. The way the door glided open always made me think like there was someone unwanted in the house.

I didn't want to go inside, but my boots were too small and making my feet hurt, and my fingers felt like they were falling off. And on top of that, there was a huge dog coming down the street, so I dashed inside. I hate dogs! They are'nt really that common anymore. My mom said that when they were kids, dogs were really common. And then when she was in her late teens, they were even more common. And now...the have kinda faded.

"Hot coco?" My mom asked me as I sat down on the couch and tugged my boots off, so my feet could finally stretch out.
"With whipped cream." I said. My mom rolled her eyes and took the groceries into the kitchen.
At first I wanted to just go to sleep, but then my eye caught on my iPad, laying on the counter. So, of course, I had to play on it.

I have been begging my mom to get me a new one, because I need it upgraded! I mean, this was her iPad from when she was like, 20. My gosh, that is ancient! It had scrapes, scratches, and little malfunctions. The screen sometimes flashed and the battery drained out really quickly. I can't even go on FriendPage or TweetWorld! My mom just wants me to go on 'FaceBook' or 'Twitter' instead because it 'brings back memories.' I guess she had it when she was 20. Still pretty old! And the iPad doesn't even have the iBrowser or iTweet on it! The iBrowser is a little thing you can attach onto your iPad that you can speak into, and it searched what you are looking for. The iTweet is well...I am not sure exactly, because my mom compares it to 'Skype' or something.

So I just decided to go on the Internet. That is another thing we need up-dated. We have Google Chrome. So old. My friend is the one who has everything! She has a new iPad with ALL the apps and attachments, and even Google GoldPlay! Lucky.

My mom returned with my super hot hot chocolate. She included the mini marshmallows with chocolate inside them!
"Thanks mom." I smiled warmly and accepted the creamy drink, taking small sips and developing a chocolate mustache. My mom laughed.
"Mom, what is FaceBook exactly?" I asked. I never really used it, I only looked at it sometimes.
"Well, FaceBook is a..hmm....a social...it is exactly like FriendPage." She explained. Wonderfully.
"And you used it when you were a kid?" I asked.
"When I was in my late teens, early twenties, yes."
"So, why doesn't anyone go on it now?" I asked, burning my hand on the coco that I spilled over myself.
"Well, did you know, that 10 years ago, FaceBook had more users than there were people in the 1800's?" She asked me, matter-o-factly.
"No, I did not know that, I do not spend time looking up how many people there were alive in the 1800's and comparing it too these so-called FaceBook users."
I said.
"Yeah, alright, smarty-pants. Well, Anyway! FaceBook was brought down when the market wanted people to start paying for using FaceBook. So, no one really went on anymore." Mom explained.
"Oh." Was all I said.
We sat in an awkward moment of silence. I don't exactly know why.
"Hon, just realize, that in the 1800's, the world didn't have all these computers and Smart Phones. We didn't even have our little cameras then!" She exclaimed.
"I know...but..." I shrugged. "I don't know." I said and got up. I was about to leave the room when a heard a little buzz. I looked at my SmartPhone. It was a text from Libby, my best friend. The rich one.
The text read:

Hey Kay! Wanna go 2 the mall with me in 30 min? I realized tat ur bday is comin up and i wnted 2 buy you a new smartphone. text me back as soon as u can. -Libby out!

I swear I could have fainted then and there. My mom say my eyes getting hazy and she jumped up. "What?"
I pointed to my text, sat my hot coco down on the counter, and jumped around. While I was jumping up and down and punching the air, my mom was reading the text. "Wait, wait! Karey!" She help my arms down so I couldn't punch anywhere else.
"You can't let Libby get you a Smart Phone! You already have one! They cost a lot!" She complained.
"Mom, a gift is a gift! It is up to her to get one for me if she wants!" I explained to her, my brain still on hyperdrive.
She sat down sighed. We looked at each other in an eerie silence for a minute of two.
"Make sure you take your gloves." She said. I love it when moms say things like that!
"Okay!" I dashed over to her and kissed her on the cheek, ran to the door, grabbed my winter coat and yes, gloves, slipped on my tight boots, grabbed my wallet, and set out for Libby's house.

My first obstacle was some dogs whose owner was texting on his Smart Phone.
I had to cross the street to avoid the dogs and the unwary owner.
Then, I nearly ran into a person who was doing something on FaceBook while walking. He looked rich, so that pretty much explained it.

5 minutes later, I arrived at Libby's house. I rang the bell and I was welcomed in by her parents.
"Libby is upstairs!" Ms. White said. White, of course, was their last name.
"Haha, okay, thanks!" I don't know why I laughed. I ran upstairs and knocked on Libby's door. Libby opened it and hugged me, and I was welcomed by something else, too-- her room.
"Woah! You changed your room!" I yipped. Her room used to be a suttle brown and cream room. But now...
"I know! So bright, right?" She seemed overly happy.
I looked around in her room. The walls were an astonishing lime green. Her bed covers were a neon yellow-green, and her carpet was a furry, pink, 2-feet deep forest. No, seriously -- I sunk into the carpet when I stepped on it. You couldn't even see your feet!
"...I LOVE IT!" I yelled.
Libby smiled widely.
"Oh! I found this cool sight called MySpace! It is so addicting!" Libby exclaimed.
"Cool! Is it new?" I asked her, following her to her computer.
"Um...no. Not exactly, it was made like 20 years ago. But still!"
And on and on she went. She showed me every single sight that she had an account for.

"So..../how/ many sights are you on that are exactly like FriendPage?" I asked.
"Well...Um...There is FaceBook, GoldPage, SmileBook...I'd say about 6?"
She told me. I rolled my eyes. "Wow. Just wow..." I said.
"Hehe. Well, let's go to the mall!" She excaimed.
"Okay! I agreed."

"So, what kind do you think you are gonna get? And what apps? You should get all the FaceBook and FriendsPage apps!" She asked me as we got into Ms. White's car.
"Um...I dunno what kind, but I don't want FaceBook. It costs to have an account now, right?" I asked her.
"Yeah, but it doesn't if you get the iFace attachment, which costs $50, so I'll get that for you too, if you want..."
"Yeah, but then there are the cases, I want a case..." And we kept talking about it for the rest of the ride to the mall.

The crowded mall was really loud. Really loud. There were almost 10 different booths for technology: A SonisSound Flip-Phon booth, an iPad booth, an iPad and iPhone app booth, an attachment and computer part booth...

Almost half the mall was technology things. Libby was goggling at the Phones and apps.
I was just looking at the iPad booth.
"Libby, should I get an iPad, or an iPhone?" I asked.
"Get 'em both!" She said, still drooling over the flip-phones and touchscreens.
"But that would be almost $1000 dollars on you guys!"
"Whatever! It is your birthday!" Libby exclaimed. I wondered what Ms.White's thought were about this. I was about to ask when a man came over to us with some papers.
"Hello, ladies! Technology is getting good, isn't it? Well, in 2030, we will finally be able to introduce a new Tablet/phone -- only it is the smartest one yet, called the iSee! We can make it talk, analyze, browse, take pictures, and more! For instance: You are going camping and you see a mushroom! You whip out your 'iSee' tablet, describe the mushroom, and it will tell you what kind it is! Same for birds, places, food, trees, flowers, and much more! Do you want to experience this new way of living? Help us develop it now, just with a donation of 1-10 dollars!" The man finished his assigned rant. Before I can say anything, Libby dropped a $20 dollar bill in his fancy box of donations.
"Thank you, my very kind lady! Stick around for 2030!"

But I wasn't really planning on it. Here we are with so many things, money, people, and apps, but now, we are making more? Why?

I realized that technology is something that some take for granted. Some don't, but still...I think I was scared for the technology packed future. What will this world become?


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