It's almost like...we're falling in love? (One Direction Love Story)

What can I say? I was born to dive! This was something me and my brother always shared. We were very competitive with each other too! London Olympics 2012, I was finally in them! But, me? Reese Daley, not only did I win, I meet some very important people cough One Direction cough Who will change my life...forever!

Chapter 1

It's a Gold!

"She's done it! Reese Daley had done it Ladies and Gentlemen! From fifth to first! " The announcer excitedly shouts into the microphone. But I was so much more excited.

Adrenaline. Thrill. Happiness. Proud. All the things I could be possibly be feeling right now. I have a gold, a gold in the freaking Olympics! I took it all in as I froze standing on the sidelines. Cold as I was, I still found a way to stay there and not run off and get a towel. It was almost like the world slowed down for moments. Team mates rushed to me, hugging and congratulating me. Camera's pushed into my face. I was overwhelmed.

"Miss Daley is defiantly going down in history as one of the youngest diver's to win gold!" One announcer says to the other.
"I agree with you Todd," he says to the apparent Todd.

"Reese!" My brother Tom calls from outside the crowd of people that surrounded me. I gently pushed through them over to my brother. He enveloped me in a hug, picking me up since he was so strong!, "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you!" I reply all giddy with excitement. This was almost unreal. I could still feel the cameras on me, and the crowd was cheering my name and a nickname I had picked up. Well, a nickname for me and Tom. They've been calling us "The Daley Duo"

A hand grabbed my arm from behind. I whipped around and saw my coach, he was pulling me away from the crowd, through a hallway, and back down into another room. Gosh this was confusing. Still enduring the whole shocked period, I didn't say anything and just followed John while he congratulated me. I nodded and kept the smile plastered on my face.

"Can I see my parents?" Was the first thing I could possibly say. John chuckled.

"Soon they want a quick comment from you about the win. I just brought you in here since you seemed overwhelmed by the crowd." John explains. I nod my head and smile.
Now I was realizing how tired I was. I have been running off of adrenaline and protein shakes for the past 2 weeks. Looking around I grabbed my towel which had been sitting next to be. I began to dry off as much as I could. Its hard when your bathing suit is still soaking wet. My hair was tangled, which I didn't mind I was use to it. Light brown hair fell down at my chest level, I was managing to comb through it with my finger. A part of me wanted to look at least half way descent while on camera.

"Let's go," John say motioning me to go outside the door. As I walk towards it I could already see flashing light and many people outside it. Talking a deep breathe and trying to control all the happiness that wanted to explode, I walk outside the door.

"No I'm not wearing it out there!" I say to my best friend who was trying to get me to wear my gold metal out into the stands.

"But your an Olympian, people should bow down to you!," Carry says sarcastically.

"I don't see you doing that," I mumble, she poked her tongue out at me, I sigh,

"Ok fine!" Carry grins and looks at our tickets for our seats. We were going to watch my brother's diving event. This was going to be intense!

"Here they are!" She announces. I stand on my toes and see two empty seats right in the middle of the row. We passed by people with the usual, 'Excuse me' or 'Pardon me' and of course 'Sorry' when I had stepped on someone's foot. Also as we passed by I got more congrats on the win. Oh aren't the English so supportive?!

As we settled into our seats, I noticed Carry looking over at something next to her.

"It's not nice to stare Carry," I say with a giggle. Carry looked me dead in the eyes though, "Whats wrong?"

"The....the people next to us," Carry whispers to me. Why was she whispering?

"And what about them?" I ask her. Carry's eye grew larger, her mouth ajar.

"Don't you know who they are?!" She says still quietly, but with a urgent tone.

As I lean over to see what the fuss was all about I saw; 2 boys messing around along with another boy and a girl. There was something familiar about them, but I couldn't think of who they were.

"Them?" I ask Carry in a normal voice, pointing over at the group. She hushed me and slapped my wrist.

"Those people over there are part of One Direction," Carry explains, I made a 'O' shape with my mouth. Now that made sense.

"So why are you freaking out?" I wonder, this time she took my by the shoulder's and shook me. I began to laugh.

"Reese Daley are you crazy?!" Carry asks starting to laugh a little also.

Of course I knew who these very attractive boys were! What girl my age didn't? But, I was not one to freak out- un-like Carry- because I was use to it. My brother and I get many fans just from walking around London. Tom more than I, but they recognize me pretty well. Point is, their normal humans too! Even if their 500% hotter than average. Let's clear some stuff up. I know nothing about them....except they sing. I'm guessing Carry might know a few things about them.

Just when I had thought of something sarcastic to say to Carry when someone says,

"Excuse me," One of the famous boys says, I lean over to see past Carry ,who was freaking out still, "Are you Reese Daley?"

I smile, "Yeah that would be me."

"I just wanted to tell you that you did amazing today! I'm a huge diving fan so" His obvious girlfriend says with a smile. See normal people!

"Awh thank you! It means a lot really." I tell the both of them. At this point the other two boys turned around to see what we were talking about.

"Hey your that hot diver girl!" A curly haired boy says pointing at me. I blushed a little.

"And hot friend!" The blonde one says, he had an Irish accent. Carry looked like she was about to pass out. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yup I'm the diver! So is my brother...if you haven't figured that out yet," I tell them. Of course they knew.

"The only thing I haven't figured out yet is your, number." Curly says with a cheeky smile. Isn't he flirty.

"Oh my god Harry," The girl mumbles face palming, the blonde one smirked, while the girl's boyfriend sighed.

"I'm sorry about him. I'm Louis by the way," 'Louis' says while I shake his hand, it was hard to reach over two people but we manged.

"I'm Eleanor," The girls says with a little wave, I smiled at her. It was hard not to she was just so nice!

"Harry!," Curly boy says with what seemed like a wink, but maybe there was just something in his eyes.

"And I'm Niall," Blonde guys says. I then noticed Carry, being all awkward.

"Oh! This is my best friend Carry!" I say pointing to my bestiest friend.

"Hi," was all she could say. Oh Carry....

"I love your necklace!" Eleanor exclaims looking at Carry's necklace. That sparked a great conversation between the two of them.

As the two of them talked about fashion and other things, I looked at the time. Tom wasn't up for another hour. Oh my gosh. Ok I love diving's sorta hard for me to watch other people dive. It's just one of those things. I sigh and I put my head in my hands and lean against the arm rest.

"Hello there!" Harry says passing by the others with Niall and sitting in the single empty seat beside me....along with Niall.....on his lap. They sat there a grinning, I could help but bursting out and laughing.

"Hi again," I say with a smirk.
"Whatcha doing?" Niall asks
"Watching diving....I'm kinda bored though." I tell them, trying not to laugh again as Harry stroked Niall's head.
"But your a diver...?" Harry says with a smirk.
I nod my head and smile, "No I just got this gold medal for just sitting here."
"And looking pretty." Niall says, Harry chuckles and high fives him.

Eleanor and Carry were still in mid conversation, Louis was watching the diving, but that left the three of us with nothing to do for...ti minus 55 minutes.

"Boys would you like to do something fun until my brother is up?" I ask them gathering my things.

"Uh yeah!" They both say.
"Ok lets roll," I say motioning for them to get up. They didn't notice we were leaving. I did send a quick text to Carry to call me before Tom was going.

Meeting these three boys was interesting. Wait isn't there 5 of them?

A.N Hey guys! I hope you liked the first chapter! I kinda just came up with the idea during the closing ceremonies. Anyway tell me what you think. Also I'm not sure which boy should be the love interest....tell me who you think it should be!

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