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Chapter 1

The introduction thing!

by: FerSure
Okay so those of you who have been my friends for quite a long amount of time surely remember this, and how I procrastinated and left this idea go down the drain, like all others. So this time I'm actually doing this. The reason why, I've noticed your writing is getting much better! I rarely ever encounter a badly written story, and you all have great ideas! Now, a lot of people's work ends up unappreciated so I've decided I should continue this to help those who don't get many reads or for those of you who want a good read but are too lazy to search for it.

The rules are:
1. No more than 20 chapters. Unless you feel really confident that you've made a good/interesting story. As you probably know, my attention span is about 1/2 second so unless you've written the new Harry Potter, I refuse to read your 60-chapter story.

2. If you've written fanfiction, please be aware that I have terrible memory, so your rate might be sort of inaccurate.

Be warned: this time it's serious. My reviews will be honest, no sugar-coating will be done here. If I feel your story misses description, I'll be sure to point it out. If you're sensitive to criticism, don't submit your story for reviewing (common sense, lizards)

Your story will be reviewed based on:
Word choices
Format (because I'm sure some users are as picky as me about the format of the stories they read)
I will not be evaluating grammar! I'm aware some people have trouble writing (dyslexia, or having a small phone or for any reason!) And honestly I believe your grammar shouldn't affect the outcome of your story. Unless you use excessive punctuation or texr-talk, I won't complain.

Well that's all, I'll stop pestering! Submitting others' stories is greatly encouraged, be abnegation XD

After I reach the ten chapters, I might be posting an index

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