I shouldn't be here

This is about a kid who wakes up in the future. I did have it written for the first Quibblo story contest but I never got it finished so now I'm going to finish it.

Chapter 1


I woke up on a bed overlooking a big city, although it looked....odd. I couldn't think, I didn't know where I was, all I remembered was blackness. I tried to think of my name. I knew it was somewhere, deep down in my brain, but it wouldn't come to me no matter how hard I tried. I decided to focus on something else. The room. It was painted off-white with one blue wall. The room was big for a bedroom, there was whole wall of glass, with a view of the city, a hanging picture with the New York City skyline, a sofa to my left, a cool looking T.V. in the corner, and a bedside table with a lamp and mounted tablet. I wondered why they had done that (whoever they were) but decided to just forget about it. The hanging picture however, with a closer examination, looked as if there was another building, rising higher than the Empire State building. As I pondered this, I heard the door unlock and creak open. I started, but realized it was only a lady in her mid-30s. She had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. She gazed at me curiously.
"Well how's our little patient?" she asked.
"Your-your what?" I stammered.
"Our patient!" she said, "don't you remember? We found you passed out on a park bench in central park, you must have have been knocked out pretty good, you've been out for three days!"
"What? I asked confused,
"I live here with my sister Melissa, my name's Susan by the way."
"H-hi Susan" I said shakily, "Where am I?"
"Well, your in Brooklyn in New York City!" said Susan in an you should know that tone. "Don't you remember anything?" "Your name, age, where you live?"
"No." was my expected response, "All I remember is blackness."
"I hope you recover quickly!" exclaimed Susan. "I guess I should probably call a doctor."
As she got up to leave I thought of something.
"Wait!" I said, "I have a question."
"Yes?" said Susan expectently
"What year is it?"
"Why it's 2022 silly!" she said, then walked out the door.

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