E-Droideka: Innovated Take Over

This is my entry for Quibblo's story contest, it is really bad...

Chapter 2

Carter's Story

by: WiseGirl_
Heat practically radiates from her forehead. I anxiously bite my lip, dribbling the last bit of water we have into her mouth. 

"You'll be okay," I say, my face stony and solemn. I refuse to let her see me fall to pieces. I won't do it. She smiles faintly. 

"No, no I won't, Carter," Hannah laughs, causing her to cough uncontrollably. I grimace and tighten my grip on her hand. She smiles at me again. How can she smile at a time like this?

"Don't say that. You'll be just fine. It's just a fever, it'll go down. We have a good hiding place. The Vanquished won't find us here. I...I promise," I nod in determination, hiding the quaver from my voice. 

This is all my fault. If I had protected her better, kept her from getting sick, she wouldn't be near death now. I could have stopped this. I failed her. I failed. 

"Carter, please, just accept this. Okay?" Her frail hand tentatively strokes my cheek, she is straining herself to even stay awake. I bend over her and kiss her forehead, almost scorching my lips, black hair falling in my eyes. 

"I won't leave you here though. I won't." Stubbornness leaks into my tone and her lips curl up in a weak smile, only her eyes are a thousand miles away. 

I feel her grip on my hand loosen and my heart clenches up, it feels like it's in my throat. "I love you, Cart," she practically whispers, her eyes are glazed over and her chest is barely raising and falling at all. 

"Love you too, Hannie," I whisper back, closing her eye lids when her hand slips from mine and her shallow breathing ceases into nothing at all. I pull the blanket up over her after kissing her forehead one last time. 

All I feel is hollowness, seeping into my core. I try to cover her as best as I can, prying up floorboards, making my fingers bleed. After I have made a big enough space, I carefully lower her corpse into the hole, still wrapped in the blanket. I move the boards over, trying to align them just right. 

I look at the space on the floor of the wooden shack in the forest. It looks no different than any other section or boards. That's all that I have left to preserve her memory. Some floorboards in a run-down shack. Quickly, I flip out my switchblade and carve the name "Hannah Morrow" on a board. 


"So what do you think of my new phone?" My father holds up the newest in electronic advances, the E-Droideka. It looks like a plate of glass but when he taps it, the screen blinks to life.

My eyes widen, it's incredible. "Holy sh-" I start to speak only to be cut off by a warning look from my mother. I sulkily close my mouth but continue studying the phone.

"How much did that cost, Charles?" My mother raises an eyebrow, probably already calculating how much of his paycheck that was deducted.

"What's it matter, Eleanor? This little puppy will pay for itself," he grins proudly. Then, a strange whirring sound starts up from the device resting in his palm. Mom leans over and looks at it, as does Dad. I'm too busy texting Hannah on my old, less advanced phone.

"Must. Destroy. The. Humans." A voice speaks up. I roll my eyes.

"Very funny, Dad," my tone is bored.

"Destroy," the monotone voice speaks again. I decide to play along this time, looking up into the murderous and inhuman eyes of what uses to be my parents.


I look around, the scenery has changed drastically from the small patch of woods to the city that looks like it was ripped straight from a movie about the apocalypse. I guess this is kinda the apocalypse, only with a different type of zombies.

The stench of the fires mixes with the rot of flesh from bodies that lay scattered, thronged thought out the city. I plug my nose, trying to block the thoughts of Hannah like that. Dead and putrefying. Slowly, I slip out of the car, trying not to attract attention as I focus on a small bodega on a street corner. 

I need food. I need it to survive. If I can just make it there in time without anyone seeing me, I'll be golden. If there is food there that is. 

I glance around to all sides, it seems safe, the Vanquished are nowhere in sight. I tense my muscles and prepare to sprint when I hear the familiar hum of a planes engine above my head. Then I recognize the familiar shape of a bomber. 

Quickly I run, leaping into the first abandoned car I see as the bomb plummets down from the heavens, the harsh odor of smoke choking me as the whistle of the wind gliding off the sleek design fills my ears. It hits the earth with the force of what feels like an earthquake, a mushroom cloud filling the air, detritus flying up in all directions, nearly blinding me as I duck underneath the dash to shield my eyes from the blinding light. 

Once the dust has settled I haul myself back up, glancing rapidly around at the scene that lay before me. 

A large and smoking crater that is filled with soot and still warm bodies takes up most of the street. Cars are flipped, buildings have toppled from their once towering heights to little more than piles of rubble. It's harder to breathe now than before. 

"He-help, help," a feeble cry drifts from underneath a pile of rocks not to far from the rusted over Jeep I leapt into. I peek slightly out the window and see a small purple jacket. I am about to sit back down, not wanting to risk my own skin, but Hannah, she wouldn't have. 

Hurriedly, I cover my mouth and roll out of the car, running over as fast as possible to the rocks and shoving them out of the way. Soon, a small pink face appears. I drag the little girl out of the rocks and into the car. 

"T-thank you," she coughs, shrouding herself in the dusty jacket. "I-I'm S-"she starts to say her name but I stop her. 

"No names. I'll call you Violet. I'm," I pause, "Black, you got any food?" Eying her small backpack, I question her. She nods and pulls out a crumpling granola bar. 

"Here," she coughs again and splits it with me. Ravenous, I take a bite, practically swallowing it whole. It's the first I have eaten since Hannah got sick three days before. 

"How old are you?" I cram the rest of the food into my mouth. 

"Six," she says proudly, like aging is an accomplishment. 

"Sixteen," I throw my own age out there. The car shakes and I glance down and out the window, all I see is a mop of ashy red hair. Dangling my arm out the window, I start to speak. "Hey, you all human?"


"HANNAH!" I scream her name, running through the streets, searching through all the debris while trying to find her. "HANNAH!" I scream again, my throat feeling raw with agony and grief.

"Over here!" A weakened voice rings out. Like a bullet from a gun I shoot over to where it sounds like it resonated from, throwing pieces of houses everywhere, ignoring how the wood and brick cuts up my hands, making them sticky with blood.

"Hannah," I sigh in relief as I help her up, her pale blonde hair now dust coated and dingy. She clings to me like a toddler, burying her face in my neck. "Are you hurt?" I speak, my voice muffled by her hair.

She shakes her head, still holding on to me as I stand up. "Their dead, Carter, all of them. The-their phones, they flashed this bright light and then they started speaking jibberish about destroying the human race. Th-they started to attack me. What else was I supposed to do?" Hannah starts sobbing into my shoulder and I hug her tighter, smoothing back her hair.

"My parents, it happened to them too. I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape, trying to find you, are you sure your not hurt?" I ask her again, scanning her frail form for any sign of external wounds.

"I'm n-not hurt. We have to get out of here," she reluctantly lets go of my neck and straightens, then I see it, a jagged scratch from her shoulder to her elbow, it doesn't look good.

"Hannah, whats that?" I trace my finger along it lightly and she flinches.

"From a nail, I'm okay really we should get out of here now," she won't meet my eyes, "the Vanquished could be here any second. Come on." She grabs my hand and pulls me along to her parents car, just as a pack of the Vanquished appear at the end of the street.


"Run!" Red screams, her eyes wide as she practically drags the shrieking Violet along behind her. The Vanquished chase after us, running like marathon runners, their faces blank of all emotion but pure malice. 

My footsteps pound the scalding black pavement, trying to outrun the slaves of industry. It's impossible, I'll never be able too. They are inhuman. Too fast. Too strong. Too driven. They are everything I am not. I almost want to die. Hannah was all I had and she's gone. Red can take care of Violet. Why bother. 

I stop in the middle of the street, a sitting duck. Then, a small boy, Vanquished, let's a shot ring out from his revolver. It was aimed directly at my heart but Red, seeing me, grabbed me with her free hand and pulled me away, dragging me out of view and into an alley with the little girl. 

She puts a finger to her lips as she drops down a hatch and into a buildings basement. Agonizingly, I lower down Violet, then dropping down myself. 

I land with a thud, causing more blood to ooze from my side as I collapse onto a pile of soggy boxes, my breathing weak.

"Are you okay?" I hear Red speak to Violet worriedly, buy it sounds so distant. I don't bother to blanch the wound. I want to die. I don't want to live in a world where your survive is based on hiding from what were once people. 

"She's fine, me on the other hand, not so much," I say while wincing as I poke at my side. The blood gushing out faster and faster. "Careful," I barely suppress a grimace as she lifts my shirt to look at it. "Is it supposed to be bleeding that much?" I cough out. 

"I'm trying and y-yeah...," she stammers. I can see it on her face that it's bad. I don't even have to look. 

Everything starts to feel heavier, my eyelids, my limbs, it hurts to even think. I'm bleeding out.  "“Don’t lie to me, Red; I know I’m bleeding out. Take care of Violet for me, the little kid has grown on me,” I chuckle weakly and slide back against the wall, closing my eyes. 

It doesn't even hurt any more. It's all distant. I can't feel the blood, hear Violet's cries. Gone. A bright light beckons to me, and I obey. The only thing I can see is Hannie's smiling face, surrounded by the heavenly glow, swallowing me up. 

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