E-Droideka: Innovated Take Over

This is my entry for Quibblo's story contest, it is really bad...

Chapter 1

Millie's Story

by: WiseGirl_
Bombs fall from the sky, crashing down all around me, the putrid stench of sulfur wafts through the air, singeing my nostrils and leaving a foul taste in the back of my throat. Running, I duck behind a smashed car, my heart pounding like a jackhammer inside my chest. Screams of the Vanquished ring out, sounding like banshees, announcing my death soon to come.

I press my back up against the metal, trying to steady my breathing as I survey the scene. Buildings that once stood proud have toppled to the street, detritus everywhere. Cars are abandoned and crashed together, folded up like origami paper, the metal bending with a horrifying ease. Small fires are popping up all over, burning an unnatural shade of orange, so artificial, yet, so real, so deadly. This future could have been avoided. If they just would have stopped, they could have saved us all.


"I'm here at DeQuincy Junior-Senior High School in upstate Indianapolis today, where all the students are in for a big surprise!" I sit on the couch, my thin legs crossed, watching the woman on the news, her makeup applied perfectly. "All of the students will be receiving what may be the greatest technological leap known to man! They will all be getting an E-Droideka. It's part smart-phone and part something brand new," she holds up the coolest thing my young eyes have ever seen.

It looked like a solid sheet of glass, about half an inch thick and five inches long, only when she taps the center, it lights up, looking like a normal phone. She starts talking about all of the advancements and special features, but I can't take my eyes off of it. I'm hypnotized, in a trance. I know I must have one.

"Wait- I'm getting told that there has been a malfunction in the software," the woman holds up the phone and screams, then, all is silent. She looks back at the screen, her eyes glazed over. They seem to have lost the human luster they had only seconds ago.

"The humans, they must die," her voice lacks all emotion, it's a monotone, it doesn't seem even remotely human. Neither male nor female. Neither child nor elderly. It isn't like she is speaking at all. Then, I realize, she isn't. Her lips are not moving. The voice, it's emanating from the phone itself.

I have just witnessed the first attack on the human race by robots. The die has been cast.


"Hey, you all human?" A loud whisper in my ear forces me to snap back to reality. I jump slightly and look around, my already bloodied hands scraping across the ground as I force myself up and into a crouch.

"As human as you," I say to no one, still looking around for the phantom voice.

"Up here, Red," the phantom voice both calls my attention and out the color of my hair. I glance up, a hand is dangling lifelessly out the window. It wasn't there before. As quietly and inconspicuously as possible, I slide into the car. A boy sits up front, shaggy hair is all I can see, that and a tan arm which he slides back into the vehicle. A small girl sits beside him in the passenger seat, her hair in dusty pigtails, knees drawn to her chest.

"Who are you?" I speak in a hushed tone, looking around at the carnage outside the window, people lay dead in the street, the electronic devices scuttling around, large and menacing, the Vanquished follow the orders mindlessly.

"You can call me Black, that's Violet. We don't use names anymore. That era is long gone and past. Anyway, names make you attached. Attachment leads to clouded judgment. Clouded judgement leads to death," the boy speaks rapidly, I see his fingers drumming on the steering wheel, he doesn't seem able to sit still, while the little girl on the other hand, looks fast asleep, cuddling a tattered blanket.

"Just keep calling me Red. Nice to meet you," I pant out, my breathing still heavy from outrunning one of the Vanquished; the E-Droideka clutched in their hand, following it's every command.

"Nice to meet you? We're in the middle of a war zone and you are being polite, how AREN'T you dead yet?" He questions me, as though just the thought of my survival is absurd. I roll my eyes.

"Anarchy may be here but I won't lose myself in it," I glance out the window again, they are getting closer.


"Millie, promise you'll stay here, okay?" My mother looks at my closely, crouching down so her eyes are level to mine as I sit, curled up in the corner, hidden from view.

"I promise. Be careful okay?" I whisper softly and nod profusely to my mother. She kisses the top of my head and straightens back up.

"I'll be back before you know it, now shhh," she slips out of the shed, quietly clicking the door in place. All the light in the room has now diminished, I clench my eyes shut, trying to calm myself down.

After the incident with the E-Droideka on the news a month ago, chaos broke out. All smart-phones started acting up, but some people were too stubborn to get rid of them, so they were vanquished by the software. Not only does it practically brainwash you, it uses your life to do it. The machines, they hack into the social networks, manipulating you through your "friends."

I hear a loud crash from outside, voices drift into the shed, they speak in the monotones that are known only to the Vanquished. They start bashing on the door with something heavy, trying to break the heavy-duty padlock. I bite my lip, nervous.

The door starts to break down. They are on their way in.

"How are we supposed to get out of here?" I lean forward, staying low, but trying to get a better look at the boy. His hair looks like it was splattered in with ink, messy, black as night and unruly. I can't get a peek at his face but his limbs are thin and narrow, malnutrition, I assume. Ever since the start of the pandemic, food has been sparse, no one dare crosses paths with one of the Vanquished. Their strength seems to have improved tenfold since they quit being in control of their own bodies, like updates on software. Humans, version two point o.
“Why are you asking me?” He gruffly replies. I furrow my brow.
“Well, I assumed because you managed to take care of your little sister-“ he cuts me off.
“She isn’t my sister, I barely know her. I let her in the car in exchange for food,” he says, but his voice seems distant, then I finally notice he has his head ducked down under the dash, trying to hotwire the car.
Like a miracle, the car whirrs to life, but it also attracts all of the attention from the Vanquished who were busy ravaging the city. “Okay, we can discuss genealogy later, just drive!” I shout, throwing my previous silence away.
He mumbled something about bossy strangers, but nevertheless, he slammed his foot down on the pedal, sending the car shooting out of park like a rocket. The force threw Violet forward to the dash and her eyes opened in something like rapture. She sleepily runs her eyes and moved back into the seat, looking at me while she does it.

"Who are you?" She yawns and stretches herself out like a kitten.

"Red, nice to meet you," I say through clenched teeth as I grip the plush seat with a talon like grip. Black doesn't seem to have any awareness for the other people in the car and continues to drive recklessly.

"Could you slow down?" I grimace while watching the Vanquished chase after the car, looks of blank determination on their faces, moving at inhuman speeds. I swear it is like the program is slowly altering them, literally turning them from man into machine.

"Speed up, slow down. Make up your mind, Red!" He hisses while making a sharp U-turn and driving straight towards the hoard of mindless drones, the slaves of industry. When I see the slightly manic look in his eye, I have the impending feeling that I am in a car with a madman.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?" I scream out as he plows through the Vanquished. He grins crazily.

"CALM DOWN, RED. I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!" He shouts back at me, his hands still clenching the wheel. Violet is sitting with wide eyes, watching all the people, all the Vanquished, be run over by a massive car. Blood spattering up against the windshield, the crunch of bones audible under the tires. If I find it horrifying, she must be petrified.


I stumble through the streets, my ankle throbbing and twisted at an unnatural angle. My mother is dead, I saw her body lying there, bloated and bruised point the past of recognition, the Vanquished had killed her. I am officially alone in the world.

“Help,” I croak out, hobbling up against a wall in an alley, ducking my head down as the Vanquished march through the streets, some of them no older than me. All of their phones are in their hands, or in holsters on their waists. They carry large semi-automatic guns, and they are far from afraid of using them.

It feels like I have been eating sawdust, I can barely swallow, blood pounds in my head, it beats along with the sound of the footsteps caused by the Vanquished. That’s what the all humans call them. They have been vanquished by the machines.

I back up farther into the shadows, trying to hide from the view of everyone who could go after me. If you’re all human, they will find you, it’s almost guaranteed. Even if you aren’t an E-Driodeka, the all humans can kill you too, they will steal your food, your clothes, supplies, or just kill you to kill. Things have gotten so bad since the pandemic, so bad. People are turning against their own family, they want to survive, they will do anything to survive.

“Are you okay?” I crouch down and look into Violet’s eyes. She clutches the blanket tighter, nodding, but she looks absolutely scared senseless. I pick her up and hug her; she burrows closer to me and sighs softly, closing her eyes again. The poor little girl is all skin and bones.

“She’s fine, me on the other hand, not so much,” Black winces and pokes at his side, a bullet had grazed him on our rampage through the Vanquished. I set down the already sleeping little girl and crawled over to look at his bullet wound.

I try to avoid all the nails that are embedded in the floor boards of the ramshackle building, bricks are crumbling from the walls and it reeks of dead mice, but it is the safest place any of us have seen in a long time.

“Careful,” he grimaced as I lifted up the hem of his bloodied shirt, the bullet didn’t hit anything important, other than what looks like an artery, but it is bleeding a lot, “is it supposed to be bleeding that much?” He looks at me, his eyes softer than they were before, missing that manic sheen.

“I’m trying, and y-yeah,” I trail off hesitantly, he is bleeding out, I can’t save him. I’m a fifteen year old girl with no medical training, what am I supposed to do? He laughs weakly.

“Don’t lie to me, Red; I know I’m bleeding out. Take care of Violet for me, the little kid has grown on me,” he closes his eyes and lays back against the wall. I don’t even know how he managed to make it this far. His skin is pale as spoiled milk, making his black hair stand out in startling contrast. That’s all the colors I see, black, white, and red, all blending together into what seems like one, my vision starts crossing, all the blood, way too much blood…


“Red? Red? Wake up!” Violet screeches, shaking me uncontrollably. I faintly sit up, my body; it’s stained red with Black’s blood. I jump up and touch his wrist, he’s gone. I sigh and slump back down holding my head, sticky red liquid forcing my hair into clumps.

“What is it, Violet?” I look up at her and my heart leaps into my throat, behind her, an army of Vanquished. They found us. “V-Violet…” I squeak out feebly, looking around for her, and then I realize what has transpired. They tricked me. They used her, manipulated me. One of the Vanquished steps up towards me, the Vanquished Violet.

She holds up a phone, and in a flash of light it all goes blank.

"I. Must. Destroy. The. Human. Race."

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