The Invasion of the Smart Phone

The year is 2022, and the effects of smartphones and social media are everywhere… with some very unexpected consequences.

Chapter 1

The Invasion

It was a time when phones were merely phones, where social networking was only talking to your friends and family online. Then everything changed!

"It's strange when you go from a world where phones are phones and there isn't much of a big deal to phones which you can interact with today. I am in my possession have the newest iPhone, released yesterday. I present you, the iPhone 10S." the lecture of my uni course exclaims. His assistant brings out a small phone. It is compact and looks a lot like the iPhone my mother had when I was 10, only this one is so much better.

"This small phone," Mr K says, holding it up for everyone to see, "has a memory that you can never fill, unless you are Mary-Sue" Mary-Sue blushes a deep read and sinks into her seat away from Mr K. "I'm kidding! It has a memory of 1 yottabyte." Everyone in the room lets out a large chorused 'Woahhh'. Mr K turns the phone on and immediately a large holographic display is present.

"You see students you can adjust the size of this screen by saying 'smaller'" and as he says the word the hologram shrinks in size, "or 'larger'" it enlarges back to the original size. "The hologram you see before you is something of a touch screen. Many of you would have been alive when the iPhone was first introduced into the world. It was simple I those days. All you had to do was touch the buttons on the screen, now with this new technology you can touch the hologram" Mr K says as he touches the 'Sirianne button'. "You can even have conversations with your phone if you are particularly lonely.

"Hello, Mr K, how are you today?" the voice on the phone, nicknamed Sirianne asks.

"I am very well thank you Sirianne!" Mr K says back.

"My mood detections tell me that you are stressed! Is this corrected?" Sirianne asks in her robotic disjointed voice.

"I am a bit, you are correct" he says, a bit embarrassed.

"I detect that you and your wife are having difficulties in your personal life" the phone says and the whole class erupts into roaring laughter.

"That is enough, Sirianne. How is the weather today?" Mr K asks, beet red and very angry, you could practically see the steam coming off him.

"Very well, Mr K. The weather is fine, with a chance of a storm later tonight at precisely 9:17pm"

"Thank you, Sirianne" Mr K says shutting off the program, his face still red.

"Sir, does it really detect how your personal life is going?" asks one of the other student, Madeline.

"Apparently so" he says, "Anyway the point is. In the last year from early July 2012 to this November of 2013 there has been an override of smart phones. They are being produced at colossal amounts, by demand of the human population. If in fact what was happening with smart phones happened with humans this is what is called as a population boom. Where people are being born at larger amounts then they are dying causing the world to go into financial and natural turmoil. Do you understand?" Mr K asks us, finishing this part of the lecture.

I raise my hand, "So sir, what you are saying is that we are being invaded by smart phones?" I ask, completely serious, although I am serious the class descends into another round of laughter.

"This is a very serious thing students! Abigail has asked a very reasonable question. It may seem funny now but it could in fact happen. If smart phones consistently enhance their technology they will gain more power, and we could in fact have a smart phone apocalypse on our hands!" Mr K exclaims, throwing his arms this way and that as he speaks.


The year 2022 approaches the smart phone has been gathering a deal of technology and power. They can now make people control others, ruining relationships out of jealous frenzy, driving people mad, and even killing off others from the human race. All unspeakable things. But, they still do it because that is how the world spins around. Only the humans don't know that the smart phones also have the power to control them, their owners. So for years they used the phones against people.

It was in June when the smart phones attacked, not a physical attack of course, they were in fact still only phones. But being on their owner a great deal they get around and spread the word about the attack. So on June 23rd all the smart phones in the world took control of their owners mind, some, cruel and heartless killed their owners, drowning them in lakes, driving their cars of cliffs and even jumping of various high and unanimous objects. The humans smart enough not to have the newest and most controlling version of the smart phone were spared, the excessive users were the ones that were killed, the others, they were made slaves, to do every will of the smart phone.

Abigail was one of the lucky ones. Her, her husband and two young children were one out of a hundred families that were spared. Abigail, who had always been interested in advancing technology had known for 9 years this moment in time would be coming, all thanks to her University lecturer Mr K. Abigail had restricted the smart phones from entering her house, her children thought she was being over protective, and in a sense she was. And for a reason and a good one at that.

As hard as it was to stand back and watch, Abigail suffered through everyday seeing her friends being controlled to do the smart phones every wish. At first she had thought to herself, what on earth could a smart phone use a human for? But then she realised. They were building large centres, ones that would hold large satellite dishes and allow communication to other inhabited planets. The invasion wasn't to kill and enslave the human population but to merely remind them that they are not the dominant species of the galaxy. There are higher, more advanced species and so it happened to the point were smart phones were more advanced than humans themselves.


"So be warned students, the smart phone will take over. They will invade for reasons no one but they know. Do not bring the new smart phones into your home, keep to the old classics and you will be safe from the Invasion of the Smart Phone!"


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