If this world was completely reversed, what would happen to mankind?

Chapter 1


Brooks was a girl of only thirteen years old. She had one sibling and lived with her mother after her father disappeared. Brooks had an abnormal hair color that was a mix of both bubblegum pink and apple green, which made her the punching bag of school. Her eyes were orange, which made it worse as well. She was only popular for getting beaten up, especially since she didn't talk much and made people annoyed. After school one day...
"Hey, Brooks!" an annoying girl named Loly with ponytails the color of bleach was bothering her again. "How come you're human after exploding from a candy machine?" she pulled a string of her hair and stared at it. "It's gross!" she threw it in her face.
Brooks didn't say anything, which made Loly all the more angry. "Come back here!" she yelled when Brooks got up to leave. She grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Do you think I'm stupid or something? Do you?" she was about to give her a slap when someone grabbed her arm and pushed her back. Loly fell to the ground.
"Hey! What do you think you'r-" there was no one there. Brooks was surprised, but got up and started walking.
"Where are you going?!"
"It's over," Brooks calmly explained. "There should be no reason for me to stay at school when it's finished."
"You...!" Loly got up and was about to land a punch when she bounced back as if repelled by a strange invisible presence protecting Brooks.
Brooks was surprised yet again. What's going on here? she thought it was a dumb prank pulled by another bully so she ran home. On the way she tripped and landed on her back. This isn't like me... she got up. I'm not usually one to tri- she saw the cause of it. It was a small, diamond shaped button the size of her pinky's nail. She picked it up and examined it.
"Get out of the way!" a car screeched to a halt behind her and she nearly dropped the button.
"S-sorry!" she yelled back and got out of the way before another car nearly flattened her. She began running, seeing the dark sky before her and glanced at the button, wondering, Why did I risk my life for this?
She pulled out the key to her house and before long, opened the door. She closed it behind her, turned around and gasped. The house was in chaos. Her mother and sister were nowhere to be seen.
"What?" she frantically looked around her and in the rooms of the house. "Where is everybody? Mom? Cherry? Anyone?!" she was getting scared and horrified. She pushed open the door to her mother's bedroom and gasped in horror. There was her mother and sister, inside a strange-looking container filled with a golden light, slowly disintegrating.
"!" she rushed to them and tried to touch the container but the same force repelling Loly's attacks stopped her and she fell to the ground.
A strange laugh echoed throughout the house, as if it was haunted.
"Not so fast," it was saying. "You have an assignment, Brooks."
"Wh-what?!" she gasped.
"That person...wants your power."
Brooks' mouth fell open. "My power? I have no power! What is the meaning of this? What's happening to my mother and sister?!"
The laugh echoed again. "In good time, you will discover...GO!" Brooks was startled by the sudden change in the voice and a dark gateway from thin air opening in front of her.
"Your mother and sister have barely any time left! I advise you choose your words wisely. She isn't patient!" The voice taunted.
Brooks couldn't understand what was going on. Memories of her mother and sister came flooding to her mind and as if in a trance, she got up from the floor.
"That's right," the voice goaded her onward. A strange humming sound filled the room and grew ever louder. She was feeling dizzy and couldn't process what she was seeing. The humming grew louder and louder, as she was walking with her arms stretched in front of her. Then, she fell into the black mass of darkness.

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