And I'm So Sick Of Love Songs...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

This is just something that came to mind, it will mainly be flashbacks or dreams about the past. And I'm still deciding on the ending!

Well, I hope you like/Love it!

Song For Story: So Sick by Ne-Yo

Chapter 1

What Have I Done?

Ashley "Ash" Gray:

I looked across the room, the table was set and the candles were lit. Today was his birthday, today Harry turns twenty.
I texted him to come early, not to spent so much time with the boys. Plus, he has to come home, right?
Everything is ready all that is missing is him. I have a huge surprise for him, but I'm sure he'll love it. I even got super dressy for him, I just hope he makes in time before the food gets cold.

I wiped some tears from my face as I cleaned everything up. It was one in the morning, and Harry hadn't come home.
"Again you're left waiting,"I told myself as I changed into my PJ's, and undid my hair.
I lay on my side of the bed, crying like always. Every time I have something planned for us, this happens! Why do I stay? Well, because I love him!
A few minutes later I heard a car come into the drive way, I quickly covered myself with the covers, and turned away from the door. I heard him come up the stairs and into the room.
"Ash, Ash are you awake?,"he asked, clearly drunk.
I stayed quiet, not wanting to start another fight.
"Night, love,"he whispered as he climbed into be next to me, as I continued to cry silently.

I was down stairs, and I was prepared for another brawl, I knew it was coming.
"Hey,"he said coming downstairs,"I thought you would at least have been waiting for for me last night."
Here it comes.
"I did, I waited for five hours, had dinner ready and everything,"I simply replied trying to stay calmed.
"You did?,"he asked.
"Yes, I waited and waited but I just got tired of always,"I told him.
"What is that supposed to mean?,"he asked raising his voice a little bit in surprised.
"That is always the same thing Harry!,"I said letting it all out,"You're never around!"
"You know my job asks so much of me,"he replied with the same tone.
"Yes, I know! But when you have free time you're always with the guys, we hardly see each other anymore!"
"What, can't I have some fun?,"he asked getting mad.
"Yes, you can! But while you're out there having some fun, I'm here waiting for you like and idiot!,"I told him, hoping the tears would stay back.
"I never asked you!,"he said.
I felt my mouth drop a little, I just couldn't believe he just said that. Can this get any worse?
"Wow, Harry! Really?,"I asked him,"You have a girl that waits for you every night, that will do anything for you, but you don't see that! You're to caught up in you're world, that you ignore the fact that the girl that is speaking right now is completely in love with you, but you don't seem to care!...Do you know how many guys wish they had that?"
"Well, maybe you should go cry to them!,"He replied clearly mad.
"You know what, I can't do this anymore!,"I said standing up from the table.
"Well, if you can't then maybe you should go!,"he said. He had never said that to me before, I felt a few tears escape my eyes,"Don't you think I get tired having the same fvcking fight over and over again! I can't take it any longer either!"
Silence filled the dinning room as I let everything sink in, and I knew nothing would ever be the same.
"Fine, if that's how you feel,"I said faintly and going upstairs.
Once in the room I heard him slam the front door. I quickly started packing all my stuff, I just wanted to get out of here.
Sure, we have gotten in fights before, but he never told me to leave. Once he had said those words my world came tumbling down, but there's nothing left to do.
Once done I looked around what used to be our room and saw the gift I had for him and decided that I was still going to give it to him, but with a note inside. I grabbed a pen and a sticky note and wrote seven simple words.
Dragging my suitcases downstairs wasn't easy, especially with tears in my eyes, but I managed. I put them in my car ans went inside the house for one last time.
I knew he was in the kitchen, I quickly went inside with the box in my hand.
"Here's your present I was going to give you last night, and well, I'm still missing some stuff but I'll send Niall over for them later,"I said through my tears, putting it on the table, he simply stayed quiet looking out into the distance,"Bye, Harry Styles, it was amazing knowing you."

Harry's POV

I watched as she left, my world came down. I knew I lost her, and it was all my fault.
I grabbed her gift and opened the box, inside there was something that almost made me fall out of my chair.
This couldn't be, this can't be! I was holding in my hands something I always wanted to see, a dream of Ash and mine. In my hand I was holding a positive pregnancy test.
I looked in the box, to see if this was some sort of joke. All I found was a note that broke my heart.
To bad its daddy won't be around!
"What have I done?,"I asked myself as tears started to form.

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