Death By a Smartphone

I decided I would try.

Chapter 1

Death By a Smartphone

Marie scowled at the sight of her old pink laptop in the trash, broken. Old. Slow. Inconvenient. Marie's mom had a point, but Marie had rather liked the way the keys felt when she pressed down, the sound of the keys clicking. It was something not quite duplicated with a smartphone. Marie spared one last farewell glance, and walked off to school.

In another part of town, Charlea Gray's company was shut down, the workers left to find a new job. The factory Charlea worked in—used to work in—manufactured computers, the same model Marie's mom had thrown out, claiming it was old, slow, and inconvenient. Like Marie, Charlea agreed that Marie's mom had a certain point—laptops were too big and bulky to take with you everywhere, and when smartphones could do everything a laptop could, and they were smaller, which one was more convenient?

Charlea pushed her light brown hair out of her gray eyes, weary and frustrated. She got in her silver Lexus and drove to her house. The beige-colored exterior was a familiar and comforting sight. Charlea got out of her car, locked the doors, and unlocked the door to her house. John, her seven year old son, greeted her at the door, giddy to the point where he was bouncing up and down.
"Mommy, guess what? The new smartphone is coming out next week, and Daddy said he would buy it for me! Isn't that great?" John said, his green eyes excited, his brown hair tousled by the jumping.
"Yes, sweetie. That's great," Charlea said wearily. John didn't notice and ran off, still in high spirits. How could Charlea explain to her seven year old son that they might not be able to afford it anymore? That she would have to get a new job that wouldn't make near as much money as she had before?

"Mom! Come here, some girl just died!" Ally, Charlea's fourteen year old daughter, announced. Charlea trudged up the stairs into Ally's room. She opened the door and found her daughter on her pink bedspread, a smartphone in her right hand. Charlea almost screamed. Her own family was using the product that put her out of business.
"What happened?" Charlea asked.
"Well, she was updating her status profile, and then a huge truck rounded the corner and hit her. She died on the spot, not even five seconds after uploading."
"That's terrible." And it was. Some girl was so obsessed with updating her status that she didn't watch what was happening around her? That's what the world has come to?

Five minutes earlier, Myra Cane stepped in front of the mirror. Her blonde hair was perfectly straight, falling to halfway down her back. Her blue eyes were bright, and her outfit was perfect. She smiled and snapped a pic with her phone. Going to get some coffee, she tweeted. Myra walked out the door, locking it closed behind her.

As she started out towards Starbucks, Myra spotted a five-dollar bill on the ground. Sweet, she thought. She put the bill in her faded blue jeans, took out her phone, and continued on. Just found a five-dollar bill on the ground :D, she uploaded, crossing the street. A truck rounded the corner and slammed into Myra. Her eyes lolled back in her head, and she slumped to the ground. People on the sidewalks started towards her, one of them happening to be her mom.

When she saw her daughter, dead, on the ground before her, grief buried itself in her chest. She gingerly lifted her daughter's hand and squeezed it once before dropping it. She took her phone out. Why my baby girl?

Smartphones were the death of laptops, of wealth, and of one girl's life.


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