The Anonymous Ones

The Anonymous Ones

Hey guys, this story was first posted on my Wattpad, so check it out and or fan me. It's about a singing group named the Anonymous Ones. Follow them as they go through the difficulty of being famous.

Chapter 1


"How 'bout him; you like him right there?" Oh my god. These guys have been trying to get at my friend Mioshi for like 20 minutes straight. Why can’t we have a nice ride on the 23? And her answer is always the same.

"No. I like white boys."

"How 'bout him? He acts white." Some people are so stupid.

I had to cut in. "Look, you guys are doing it all wrong. That’s not how you get a girl."
The tall, handsome, dark, 16 year old got mad. "Well then why don’t you show us how little girl."

"OK." I looked for any girl that was ‘too hot to be straight’ and I found one. "Hey blondey, come here." I said to a girl who was standing in front of the back door. She had dirty blond hair that just reached her shoulders. Her bangs mostly went to her left and sort of covered her left eye. She stood at about 5’ 8 (my height) and had a dark tan. Damn, I think I’m in love.

"Sure. Hey what’s up?" she asked a little nervous, sitting next to me on the Septa bus.

"Well, I just noticed you sitting there by yourself and thought you looked lonely. I just want to keep you company." I said confidently/seductively.

"Well thank you for the thought, but how do you know I’m not straight?" She asked smirking slightly. She’s clearly enjoying this and so am I. I’m actually thinking about really doing this.

"Well because you have to be this hot to not be straight." I said and put my hand at the level of her torso. "And you’re this hot." I said as I put my hand at the level of her head, smirking, knowing I won by the look on her face.

"Well you’re right. I’m not. I’m bi. What’s your name anyway?"

"It’s Jai-Lynn."

She leaned into my ear so close she had to whisper and sang "Sometimes I’ll call you Jay. Sometimes I say Jai-Lynn. And when it’s all said and done-"

"Bet the neighbors know my name." I finished the last part. But she didn’t back away.

"Ha, nice. Hey, my stops coming up, why don’t you come to my house and we can have some fun." She emphasized the last word. "Then we can have some more fun in my Dodge. Then I can drive you home." She backed away and smiled flirtatiously at me. All I could do was nod.

She giggled and told me to get my stuff together. "Hey, wait you never told me your name."

"Oh, it’s Artemis."

"That explains a lot."


"Well you do look like a goddess…" I was going to finish that last part but I saw my girlfriend, Ashley, coming towards me angry. I guess she saw my face as I was shamelessly flirting with Artemis. Wait, why is she on the bus? She has a car.

"Hey Ash."

"Don’t 'hey Ash' me. Who’s this?" notice how she doesn’t care we’re in public and tries to start a fight.

"This is Artemis." I say without a care in the world if she gets jealous or not.

"So Artemis," She started sitting across from her, giving her a evil look. "how do you know my girlfriend?" I really don’t like the look she’s giving her right now.

"Well we just started talking is all." She said as if we were not obviously flirting. Ok it wasn’t really flirting, it was more foreplay.

"Well then, why were you guys getting all close and personal?"

"Well because she looked unhappy with what she had. Now I can see why." Well damn. And she’s right, I‘m so over this relationship. Listen to Let It Die by Three Days Grace and you’ll know how I feel.

"Why would she be unhappy with this?" Ashley asked gesturing to her body. 'Because you’re a controlling b^tch.' I thought.

"Well I would love to answer that but my stop is next. Come on Jay, I’ll take you home." Artemis said looking at me and pulling the cord. She said that like we’ve been friends forever. I grabbed my stuff and looked at Ashley as I got off of the bus. I knew what the next words coming out her would be.

"We are so done."

"I know. Thank you. Oh and dude," I said looking back at the guy who was trying to get with my friend, who looked back at me shocked "that’s how you get a girl." I said smirking as I walked off the bus and wrapped my arm around Artemis’s waist. She looked at me and smiled and put her arm over my shoulder. When we got to her apartment I was surprised to find that nobody was there.

"Hey where are your parents?" I asked.

"They kicked me 2 years ago, when I came out to them. I was only 13."

Whoa. "Wait how old are you?"

"16. Why how old are you?" See I like people her age but she’s not going to like my age.

"Oh my god I’m sorry but I have to go home."

"Why? How old are you?"

I sighed before answering "12."

"Oh well I’m fine with that."

"But your 16. Why would you want a 12 year old?"

"Well because you guys are just so…. Not old I guess."
End of Flashback

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