Letters To Juliet? Nope, Letters To Some Weirdo (Harry Styles Love Story)

Chapter 1

Penpals Sarcasitc 'Yay'

"Okay class," The teacher walked in, "Today I have the letters from your penpals," I sighed.

Let me start off by saying my name's Cinderella, yep my parents called me Cinderella. I asked them if they hated me, they laughed. I think yes though.
Looks: (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56686625)
I think I'm average but every one else thinks I'm so pretty. I guess I'm popular I don't know what the cut is here. Right now I'm at an all girls boarding school, and we have to write letters to a boys boarding school. Oh yeah, and call me Ella, seriously!

"Ella! My nae is Ella!"
"Answer the question!"
"Which was?"
"If you had paid more attention in class you would know."
'No if I had paid more attention in class I wouldn't be here!" I made her angry,
"No attention," I heard a few giggles and she gave me a look as Charlie put a letter on my desk. "I'll see you tonight miss," I smiled as the bell rang. I picked up my bag, swung it over my shoulder and scooped up the letter reading it on the way out.

Dear penpal,
The teacher said if I didn't write to you I would fail english, and if my parents found out I failed, we wouldn't be writing letters anymore.
So, Name:
Harry Styles,
Music, baking and hot girls,
Grade 11, age 17 duh, we are writing to people the same age, teachers are so dumb,
About Me:
I hang out with Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis, we are at the same school. I have a sister, mum, dad, step dad. I like to have fun and sing and I'm in a band with the guys so.... I got nothing else, ask me about stuff if you want to find out more, here's a pic, teacher said we had to, so...Bye. From Hazza.

I read though the letter. What an odd boy. I made my way to the bedroom I shared with Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and Tayla.
"Who was yours from?" Tayla asked. I looked around they were all reading thier letters,
"That's supposed to be a secrect." I said sitting cross legged on the bed,
"Harry?" Danielle asked,
"How? Wait a minute, who got, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis?" I asked,
"Zayn," Perrie said,
"Liam," Dani's eyes widened,
"Niall," Tayla added,
"And BooBear," Eleanor grinned,
"BooBear?" I asked, putting the photo of Harry with the other's penpals,
"That's his nickname," She winked, still grinning
"Does he like long walks on the beaches?" I smiled,
"Wait, did the teachers set us up?" Tayla asked looking at the pictures,
"Well they are all really, really hot," Perrie added,
"Guys, come on." I rolled my eyes,
"But we've been without boys for so long, Ella you don't understand." Dani said reminding me that I only got here last year. They had been here for three long, male-less years.
"Poor baby," I said matching her pout, "Who's got the longest letter?"
"Dani, her guy can talk, write," Perrie rolled her eyes, "But my Zayn comes in a close second,"
"I think mine's the shortest, it only goes for one page," Tayla said frowning,
"Nope mine only goes for half a page, in which he manages to say that his interests include music, baking and hot girls." I sighed standing up again and walking out,
"Where you going?" El asked,
"De-" I started,
"Ttention," The girls spoke in a chorus,
"Hahaha, I am not amused," I said folding up Harry's letter and putting it in my pocket. I walked to the dettenion rooms and sat down. I knew the drill so I started to scribble down my 1000 lines of 'I will not back talk to a teacher'. My hand writing was neat and fast from all the times I had been here so I finished pretty soon. I handed it up to the teacher who called me back to look at something. She pulled out a binder full of papers that said the same thing I had been writing over the past year. She explained that they were all mine all 300 of them. Then she let me go. I walked back up to my room and opened the door.
"That was quick," Perrie was the first to notice me,
"I had practice," I winked, "300 times, the teacher showed me,"
"300! That's a new record! El said as she jumped up to scribble down the record on the wall where we put all sorts of things. This wall was covered with a painting so no one but us would know.
"Dani's been writing too," Tayla said as I pulled out Harry's letter, "She's on to her fourth page,"
"She's just trying to outdo Liam five pages, I'm glad BooBear only wrote two," Eleanor said sitting back down on her bed,
"What's the time?" I asked yawning,
"7," Dani said without looking up.
"Night," I said as I fell into unconsciousness......

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