OMG its Carrie aka cstar11!!



Chapter 1

Carrie's short story :)

by: Jaediie
Hey guys! Its Carrie aka cstar11 and I will be making a story for you guys! You may or may not know me but for the people that do know me, HIIIIIII!!! and for the people that don't know me, add me!

ANYWHOOOOO, I hope you like my totally random story that I have no idea where will take me! :)

There once was a giraffe named Pickle and she was not like the other giraffes. She was a rainbow flying giraffe! With sparkles! Her name was also know as Gryffenpuff. She is a friendly giraffe with lots of friends!

One day Pickle was eating a leaf and someone threw a pineapple at her! She got furious.

"Who did this?!" Pickle shouted.

"I did." Said the mysterious voice.

Pickle turned around and around but did not see who it was. It freaked her out.

"I'm down here, you colorful long neck." Said the low voice.

Pickle looked down and saw a small green turtle floating in the water. She was amazed that a puny turtle like that could throw a pineapple twice the size of him. The rainbow giraffe looked at him. She stretched her long neck and asked, "Who are you and why did you throw a pineapple at me?"

The turtle bit her nose and she yelped.

"Ow! Why did you do that for?" Pickle asked. She shook off the pain and looked at him.

"The name's Bub. And I felt like it...." Bub the turtle said. "Don't make me bite you again!"

"I don't want to bite you to bite me again! I never wanted you to in the first place!" Pickle screamed at him.

Bub started to cry. After a few minutes, he began to sob. Pickle didn't know what to do. She didn't mean it. She was only saying. She tried everything. Pickle even sprinkled her magical glitter for Bub but he said it was unmanly for him. This made Pickle upset. Everyone loved her glitter....

She licked Bub, trying to get the glitter off of him when Bub bit her nose again.

"Ow!" Pickle said.

With that said, Bub disappeared in the water leaving the word, "Hehe" rippled in the water.

That was the last time Pickle saw Bub again.....

The end!


Well, I hoped you enjoyed my little random story! Bye everyone! :)


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