Who wants to read a story about hawt girls dancin to Hey Mickey in smexy pj's?

Please read below, thank you.

Chapter 1

Yeah, you know u wanna read it >:D

"Hey mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey mickey! Hey, hey, hey mickey!"
We were dancing and singing along to that song on replay in our pj's.
If you wanna no, we just wear over sized t-shirts to bed cuz it gets really hot.
And, were pretty hot ourselves, if u read the title XD
We screamed...
"WTF Matt!!!!!???
Matt comes through our window's using the ladder in both our back yard's. He's like a monkey, so he can climb the ten foot wall to the backyard's...
Kat turned down the music and Matt fell on the floor laughing.
"Your an a#s%s$ hole." Jade said, throwing a butterscotch at him.
"I hate it when you do that!" Kat said, Matt always jumps out of nowhere and scares us.
(Personally, I think they'd be a good couple, but no..)
"Its funny." He said, taking off his jacket and throwing it on the bed, turning up my radio.
We rolled our eyes and replied to a message on here XD
(Jakeyy, if ur readin this, ur ridiculous XD)
"We're gunna get some ice cream downstairs, want some?" Kat asked.
"As long as your wearing that." Matt said, smiling.
Me and Kat grabbed pencils off the desk and threw it at him.
He dodged, then made his angry face, grabbing pillows off my bed.
We screamed and ran downstairs.
Matt might've been a joker and sometimes pretty lame, but you don't mess with him once he's gotta pillow.
We ran downstairs and into the kitchen , throwing spoons at him, him dodging them with pillows.
My older brother Aaron(15)came in and yelled at us, "Put some clothes on!"
"Bite me!" Kat screamed back.
He joined Matt with the pillows.
And when Kat threw a spoon at Aaron's nose, making him bleed, we all stopped staring wide eyed.
Kat laughed first. Then me. Then Matt.
Aaron threw a pillow at Kat, then said, "Your lucky your hot."
We laughed, and when we got the ice cream(Rockyroadbaby) Matt chased up us the steps.
And when Kat stopped, he stopped and fell >:D
We ate a lil ice cream, then, after we logged off of Quibblo and Matt was asleep, me and Kat put pants on and our shoes.
We grabbed Matt's hat, and Kat put it on, then stole his jacket off my bed, and then took his shirt off while he was sleeping.
We grabbed my eyeliner and wrote, "Eat me." On Matt's stomach.
He woke up, and we froze.
"It's a dream." Kat whispered.
"Are you naked?" He asked, smiling in the dark.
Jade hit him in the head out of reflex, and he woke up completely.
"WTF?!" He yelled.
We ran out the door and he chased us.
My lil brother Jakey(2)held his leg out and he tripped, >:D
God i luv that lil boy!
We ran outside, and he ran after us, limping from his fall >:D
"Eat me!" He yelled, stopping.
"Bite me A-hole!" Kat yelled.
"This is for the water fight!" Jade yelled.
(Last week, Kat and I were walking home, and he threw water balloons at us...in public....while we were in white t-shirts....so many honks on the rest of the way home, can't even tell you.)
We walked back around in a circle and came back to Jade's house.
We snuck up stairs back to Jade's room and went back to only wearing the t-shirts.
The only thing they didn't cover was our legs and arms.
We were dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans now and Jakey came in, dancing with us.
Jakey went to sleep later and me and Kat talked,
Jade: Dude, Jake's picture is so hot...
Kat: I know. But I like Jared too...
Jade: I wanna see Jack, cuz he looked okay in the first picture, but then so did Jake, and with a close up it was all like whoa! He's oober hot.
Kat: Yeah...
Jade: When are you getting a boyfriend?!
Kat: STFU!!!!!! Ill get one when I want to woman!
Jade: You need one!
Kat: You need one! Damn, just because i've never had a boyfriend, doesn't mean i'm going to stay single forever!
Jade: Whatever....
Kat: Jeeze.
Jade: You know, you've got problems.
Kat: Everything I got I got from you.
Jade: Freak.
Kat: Schizophrenic!!!!!
Jade: What the frap does that even mean?!?!?!?!
Kat: Google it woman! I'm not a dictionary!
Jade: Ugh!
Kat: Blah!
He jumped outta the closet, we screamed, and he jumped on Kat, who was on my bed.
I tackled Matt, knocking him off Kat. He hit his head and passed out on the floor.
Kat: Oh my god...
Jade: Did I kill him?
Kat punched Jade in the boob
Kat: No, he's probably just out, gimme your super pencil.
(Super pencil: Really long pencil)
(Kat pokes Matt in face)
Kat: You knocked him out....
Jade: Awesome >:D

Twenty minutes later, Matt was on the roof...in underwear....

Twenty minutes later, Kat, Jade, and Aaron(Who helped us put him up their thanks to Benjamin Franklin)and Sebastian(my twin, working for free) heard a scream and smiled >:D
Sebastian: Dude.... Katherine....
Kat: What?
Aaron: Your hot in those pj's....
Kat throws pillow
Sebastian: So hot when your angry.....
Jade: You guys are pigs.
Sebastian: What? t's not our fault Kat's the hottest one.
Jade: You can only say that because you my brothers! To Kat, who's smiling That doesn't count Kat!
Kat: >:D

Another conversation, thirty minutes later, Matt still on roof...
Jade: She's indecisive! She can't decide! She-
Kat: Stop! Unnacceptable!
Jade:-_- Imma eat all your peanuts when we get back to your house...
Kat: And i'll eat all your rasberries.
Jade: Gasp No one touches the rasberries.
Kat: No one touched the peanuts.
Jade: Okay that was just wrong...
Kat: Yeah....
Jade: Oh my god!
Kat: What?
Jade: We have to sleep.
Kat: Basically, yes.
Jade: Nooooow?
Kat: Nooooooo.
Jade: Hehehe, im going over our conversation with Jake and Jared...
Kat: Your obsessed, it's kinda creepy...
Jade: It's funny, the way we drool over them.
Kat: Their hot, it's kinda a girl's natural instinct to drool over hot guy's.
Jade: Still, you don't see many hot guys these days.
Kat: Sure we do, this is Cali, Cali gave birth to hot guys. You just don't meet people decent and hot.
Jade: True. Dat. I want coffee now..
Kat: And I want to make Humpty Alexander Dumpty yolk and steal some golden eggs. But that's not gonna happen, is it?
Jade: Jeesh, all I wanted was coffee.

Kat: I can't believe we're posting all this....I can't believe Jade remembered all this.
Jade: You know you love it, And we was bored, so what the hell?
Kat: Yeah, and now Jake Jack and Jared are going to think we're stalkers, we're embarrassing Matt, and were letting the guys on here know we dress half naked to bed.
Jade: O.o.......
Kat: It's amazing I still love you....


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