One Direction One Shots!...(Read Intro)

So, I would post some up! This are just ideas that come to head and I wrote down, If you like some enough and want them turned into a story tell me and I will think about...but mostly likely they would be:))
So, some would be short and others long, comment if you like them:))
Okay, so, I hope you like them!!!!!!

Chapter 3

Louis Tomlinson

Okay, so, I didn't want to post this one, but my cousin made me! I just don't think is that good!

"Louis put Kevin down, you're going to brake him!,"I called out to my best friend.
"No, he needs to learn how to fly!,"he replied throwing him off the top of the stairs.
I caught it before it hit the floor, probably saving Kevin's life. It felt like I was in one of those action movies. I looked up to see Lou with his eyes covered.
"It's okay Louis, I caught him, Kevin is safe and sound,"I told him.
"Kevin!,"he yelled running down the stairs.
He took Kevin out of my hands and started yelling at him like a mother does to a kid. I swer sometimes I think there is something wrong with this boy.
"Now thank aunty Ray for saving your life,"he told the fake pigeon.
"Louis you he can't-,"I started to say, but was cut off by Harry walking into the house.
"Kevin1,"he exclaimed hugging Kevin.
I rolled my eyes, this two boys act like they are drunk all the time.
"Hey Ray,"said Harry letting go of Kevin to hug me.
"Hey Harry,"I replied as I hugged him back. He let me go and I stood there, I could tell they wanted to be alone,"Okay, so how about I make us some breakfast?"
"That sounds lovely, but make sure is fat free, Kevin is trying to watch his diet,"said Louis smiling big.

"Hey Ray, can I ask you something,"asked Louis.
"Sure go ahead,"I said as I finished watching the dishes.
"Well, I really like this girl, but I don't know how to ask her out...any tips?,"he asked.
"Maybe Kevin should tell her,"I said joking around.
"Actually, that's a great idea!,"he exclaimed running off.
"Wait Louis! Eleanor won't like that!,"I called after him, but it was too late,"Well, sorry Eleanor."

One Week Later

"Ray, Kevin wants to tell you something,"said Louis.
"What is it Louis?,"I asked walking into his room, and to my surprise it was clean.
"Is not me, is Kevin,"said Louis.
"Yes Kevin?,"I asked it thinking it was a total waste of time.
"Louis wants to know,"it spoke, my mouth fell open! It is just a plastic pigeon, how the hell did it speak.,"If you would like to be his girlfriend?"
I looked around Kevin to see a cord running towards the closet, somebody must be talking for Kevin.....Wait, what did it just say?
"What did you just say?,"I asked Kevin as if it was a person.
"Louis wants to know if you like to be his girlfriend,"he asked again.
I turn to see Louis smiling big, but blushing.
"Is this true Lou?,"I asked him.
"Yes,"he replied.
"But I thought and Eleanor were a thing,"I told him.
"No, I only went on some dates with her thinking I could forget a certain friend, but I found out it's impossible,"he replied nervous.
"Well, Louis Tomlinson I to be your girlfriend,"I replied.
Truth be told I've liked him since the moment we became friends, I just kept it inside all this time. I didn't ever think he would feel the same way about me.
He seemed surprised by my answer, but he quickly came over and hugged me.
"YAY!,"said Harry coming out of the closet scaring me half to death,"Oh sorry."
"It's your the famous voice of Kevin the pigeon?,"I asked raising one eyebrow.

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