Chapter 1

if is a bit iffy if ya know what i mean

by: UnLoved
If your friends were going to make fun of your crush, what would they most likely pick on?
No idea, really. They've never done that before. I beat them up.

If you liked someone who was either a lot shorter or much taller than you are, how would that affect your opinion on them?
It wouldn't. I'm okay with either, i like both guys and gals. I'd just worry if a girl was any amount taller she wouldn't like me back...

If you could get your parents off your back about one thing, what would it be?
how often i'm hanging with friends instead of at home

If you had to marry someone at your school right now, who would you pick?
I was homeschooled, but a knew a girl named Sarah who i liked

If you had to write a law giving the youngest legal age of consent for getting married, what would that be?
Eighteen. Most eighteen year-olds jump in too quick anyways, how can i expect younger teens to be any better.

If you had to name the most annoying question your best friends ask, what would it be?
so did you get that girls number yet?

If you wanted to play a practical joke on a teacher without getting caught, what would you do?
put glue in the newly filled stapler

If you had to define the difference between a boy and a man, how would you answer?
Boys are kids. Teen guys who are fully grown into a man can be a boy though, they're the immature, slightly rude/self-centered guys who only care about how a woman looks vs her inner beauty. A man is so much better

If you could have a great talent, what would you want it to be?
guitar playing

If you died tomorrow, what one thing had you said that made your life so far worth it all?
holding hands with my crush for the first time, even though she moved away the next weekend

If you were to pick one person whose success continually bugs you, who is it?
Justin Bieber, 1D, and Taylor Swift. No offense to fans

If you were to pick any three friends to go to college with, who would you choose
Leo, Angie, and Sterling

If you could change one thing about all the girls at school, what would it be?
that they wouldn't be so mean to each other, that they'd have more self respect and not care about how popular they are. That they'd realise that they look beautiful WITHOUT the makeup.

If you were going to finish the statement "One thing I'll never let happen to me when I'm older is...," how would you do it?
"One thing I'll never let happen to me when I'm older is abandon my kids like my dad did."

If your parents kicked you out of the house right now, where would you go?
mcdonalds to sit and call my love

If you were to state what most teenagers have in common, what would you say?
we all wanna be better

If there is one place you would never want to be seen with your parents, where would it be?
at my skate park

If you had to name the lamest subject you had to study, what would you say?

If you had to describe the biggest difference in your life now from what it was one year ago, what would it be?
i'm so much happier

If you and your friends were suddenly stranded in the wilderness, who do you think would be the best at survival?
me, angie and leo would force me to be XD

If one day you woke up with no hair, what would you do?
Honestly? be pi$$ed and maybe cry. My hair is my baby! I work so hard on these dreads!!!

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