Welcome to my Life-- A story (don't read if you are friends with my new account)

Welcome to my Life-- A story (don't read if you are friends with my new account)

Four kids with four very different lifes. But after one death, read about how all these lives become one.

Gwendyln Kynterson- "the popular one"
Alicia Goldsmith- "the loner"
Rex Lane- "the bad boy"
Harold Oferinellis- "the fat kid"

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Chapter 1

Do you ever feel like breaking down?

"And now, may the family say a few words." The pastor nods to the Kynterson family and Gwen stands up with her two parents. One parent, if we are only counting blood relatives. Her parents slip their fingers into her hands, but Gwen quickly pulls away from their slippery fingers. She doesn't want to be outed at school for being a "mommy's girl" or a "daddy's little sweetheart". Not that anyone really has the courage to say anything rude to her, but still.

"Katheryn was a beautiful, young girl who never stopped smiling. She was kind and always worried about other people. It's no surprise that her death was caused by saving another's life." Gwen stares speechless at her biological mother. How can one say such a thing-- as if her twin's death wasn't surprising. She died by protecting her only friend and got run over by a truck. It was an accident and Gwen will do anything to have been in her sister's place, "Kathy, if you are listening to this, I love you, baby. None of us will forget you." Gwen hears her 'dad' say something about Kathy being the daughter he's never had. He sounds a lot more sweet to her now that she's gone than when she was home.

"Gwen," Her mother's soft and flowery voice whispers. She looks around at all the fake people pretending that they care, but never knew Kathy. Gwen wonders if her funeral will be like this. Full of fake people with no one that actually cares besides her family. Except for her family will not be there because they would probably die before Gwen. Unless she murders herself first.

The thought of death causes her heart to twist in pain. She will not risk her own life for selfish reasons, now that her sister has already died.

Gwen boldly squeezes out of the aisle that they are sitting at inside the church. She walks up next to the pastor and motions to talk into the mike. The priest nods and Gwen clears her throat.

"I love my sister. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Her death has caused some family grieving, but I know that no one else cares. Yes, she was the sweetest person anyone can wish for. Yes, she died saving another's life. Yes, she is and will always be an inspiration to the rest of us. But, do you really care? My sister's one and only friend that she saved, Alicia Goldsmith, isn't even present. You should all be ashamed of yourselves." Gwen pauses her cracking voice, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She has never and will never cry in public.

She sharply turns and runs past the pastor and down the suddenly extensive path, out of the main doors in the front. Her heart is beating faster than a cheetah's run, so she stops, leaning against the church's brick wall. Tears break out of her eyes and she clenches her tight stomach. She angles over and throws up on the wet grass. Her stomach twists a second time because of the smell. She coughs, the bitter taste still left in her mouth. She wipes her lips clean and continues to whimper in distress.

Nothing is worse than a twin's death for it's like having half her heart ripped out and something that damaging can never be fixed.

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