A Souless Demon

A Souless Demon

I ran and ran. My feet couldn't handle the chase. I stopped,having to kneel. The footsteps were behind me now. The pouring rain made my hair drape over my face. I pushed it out of the way,and the silhouette had the knife to my heart. The knife tore through my carnage,and retracted,soon dropping on the ground. Blood dripped from my lips,my chest,and my tears were red with blood. I was clasping my heart,hoping to not die. But no,my heart was useless. I suddenly fainted,and died there.

Chapter 1

Earlier In The Day

Earlier that day,I was with friends. I was a joyful,gracefilled soul. My bare feet touched the hot concrete of the sidewalk with every footstep. I wasn't perfect,but I wasn't imperfect. My stunning blue eyes were so light,they looked unreal to anyone. My smile was like anyother. I glanced over my shoulder,my friends running towards me. I had begun to run,my hair pushing its own self behind my back as I ran with perplexity.

I closed my eyes,beginning to laugh. While laughing,my lips formed a smile that said who I was. A loving,sweet,caring girl. My black hair flew behind me,and the breeze from behind felt nice too. My friends caught up to me,and we all laughed together. Us three girls were so close,we were almost sisters. We all knew eachother since we were very young,and that made us bond.

But even I was hiding something. I was a girl full of such curiosity. I was filled with answers,and questions. But my secret was too deep for me to reveal. My secret,was my sad destiny. My fate that I thought was meant for days. I never knew my fate was for today. I simply ignored it,as we reached my friend's house. My two best friends were twins,but they never lived together. One lived with her mom,and the other with her dad. I had a crush,but he didn't seem interested in me when I was around him.

I wasn't normal. My friends knew that,and they loved me. It was a Saturday afternoon,at only two in the afternoon. The twins were so happy,their smiles were large. They amused me so much. I had quite the hard time at school,though. I was a straight-A,and Honors student,unlike the twins. The cheerleaders were never straight-A girls,like the jocks. I just had such a malevolence towards them all. They thought I was the Queen of the Anomolous People. Well,I could've cared less.

At least I was an exulted,sagacious,scrupled,bravadous,blissful,conspicuous,paltry female. Unlike them. The jocks were felons,and the cheerleaders were being atrocious enough by being rude to kids. I can evince their every crime and atrocity they have done. I stared in such malevolence,and vile feeling to their baroque ways. I was quite vile around them,because they were a peverse bunch of fools.

They made my life better,I made their life insufferable. They had a loathed feeling for me. That made my lips form a smile. I always scared them,and they were in such fright around me. But the head cheerleader was in pure rage. She wanted to allay me,and I allayed her instead. She was so close to giving up. I was just about to cry in such bliss. With one hiss,my lips were forming a malevolent smirk,and everyone,including the head cheerleader herself,was scared to death. My vile leer was frightening the peverse group of idiots.

I was laughing,just remembering that nice memory of their frightened faces. The twins were looking at me in curiosity,and I shook my head. We began to listen to music,discussing about something. It was my favorite song,by Three Days Grace. Pain. It was a true song. Anger,and agony are always better than misery. And life will be full of hurt,when happiness doesn't work. I was singing along.

Me singing was something to never be seen.

The night was nearing,so I headed home. It began to rain,and then pour. I began to run,hearing footsteps follow me. Was I being followed?! I was. (Refer to the introduction for the rest of the chapter. I hope you like my first,true story.)

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