Hey Girls.....x3

Hey xP

Chapter 1

If you wanted to know...

Jared is now single :/ His old girlfriend deleted so chat me him up!!!

But Jake....has a girlfriend.

But I'm single!!! (Jack) haha lets talk ;)

Bye beautifu ;) xP

Here's the stuff we like in a girl:

Jared likes girls who aren't afraid to say what they think, but who like to have fun. And who he can relate to and cap like that haha xP

Jake likes girls who are pretty (haha hes so stupid) and he likes girls who are talented...and who also like to have fun. BUT HE'S TAKEN.

And I (the Jack) like girls who are kind of plain hard to get...gives me something to motivate for haha. And I like girls who are funny x3.


haha xP



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