Battle Scars (A Clato Victory Story)

What if Cato and Clove won the Games?
Thank you Linde for the title.

Chapter 4

Interviews *Clove's POV*

The stylists certaintly are good at what they do, even if I don't always like it. The low back of the black dress shows off the tattoo they insisted I get. One shot can end it all, it says, with an image of a crossed sword and knife. The puffy, short skirt shows off my legs. The tight bodice shows the audience exactly how skinny I am. The heels make me look not quite so short. The combination makes me look dangerous. Uncrossable. Deadly. Like a victor should. The only problem is whether I can walk in these heels or not. I walk across the room, trying it out. I can. Thank god.
"Now, remember. Neither Cato or the audience knows about the tattoo. Wait for them to notice before commenting on it. The audience won't expect the streak, or the hair, either. We usually don't change things that dramatically. Be calm, and be yourself. They'll love you. They already do!"

"You've said that twenty-three times since I got here."

"And don't get annoyed."

"I can if I-"

"Even if someone calls you Clovey."

"They won't."

"Cato will. He always does."

I sigh. Suddenly, the alarm rings, and it's time to get to the tubes. You see, this year, they added those tribute tube things to the stage for a dramatic enterance. One on either side of the stage.
A timer counts down, just like at the start of the games. The gong rings just as I get to the stage. I step out, and walk to the loveseat they have this year instead of the usual throne.
"Welcome to the final event of the 74th Hunger Games, the interviews of our Victors, Cato Ludwig and Clove Furman!" says Ceaser Flickerman.

"Thanks, Ceasar. I'm happy to be here," says Cato, though I know he isn't.

"And so am I." I say.

"What's this I hear about a girlfriend, Cato?" Ceasar questions, raising his eyebrows.

In answer, Cato kisses me. The audience goes wild.
"I see," Ceasar says, "To quote Peeta Mellark, you brought her with you?"

"Yes and no. We met in District 2 at the Reaping, so I have the Games to thank for Clovey."

"My name is Clove!" I say automatically, "But it doesn't matter."

Suddently, Cato looks defiant. "I'd also like to thank Marvel Peyre, of District 1, for saving Clove's life with the tracker jackers. Without him, she would have ended up like Rayne Maylight, of District 4, dead from their stings.

"I'd like to thank Peeta Mellark, of District 12, for giving me the strength to tell Clove what I thought of her. Without him, one of us wouldn't be here right now.

"I'd like to thank Glimmer Fey, of District 1, for all the guard shifts that she took, for staying behind to fight Peeta, for dying for friends she barely knew. For all the target practices she, Clove, and I spent together towards the end of the Games.

"I'd like to thank Jack Fisher, of District 4, for the advice on knots in the training center. You saved my life, man.

"I'd like to thank Rayne Maylight, for being an ally and a friend, a stable point in the chaos of the Games.

"I'd like to thank Finch Emerson, of District 5, for showing Katniss how to blow up the supplies. It made us stronger, not being tied to a central point.

"I'd like to thank Thresh, of District 11, who's last name I never knew, for showing me the true meaning of strength and bravery, and to fight for what you cared about.

"I'd like to thank Ash Dakota, of District 7, for telling me to keep my eyes open. Your advice saved my life more than once.

"I'd like to thank Rue Tella, of District 11, for three words. 'Don't let go'. You didn't say them to me, never knew I heard, but I did.

"I'd like to thank anyone whose name I never learned, whose presence I never felt. You helped, even if I don't know it.

"And lastly, I'd like to thank Katniss Everdeen, of District 12. She was a formidable enemy, and would have been a greater ally. She also taught me to fight for what matters." At this point, he's crying. I can tell he means it, every word.

"I, too, would like to thank the Tributes of the 74th Hunger Games. Through strength, bravery, smarts, or skill, you touched us all." I say.

"Well, that's all the time we have for speeches. It's time for the Recap!"

"Oh, god, no," Cato mutters under his breath.

"You got that right,"I add, just as quietly.


After an hour and a half of gruesome, bloody video, it turns to interviewing.

"So, Clove, what's that on your back?" Cato asks, finally noticing.

"It's my tattoo. '/One shot can end it all./' The last words said in the Games."

"And the sword and knife?" Ceasar interjects.

"Our weapons, also the last used."

"I got one, too." Cato says, pulling up his sleeve. Live. Love. Keep your eyes open.'

"Ash's last words, right?" I guess.

"Yep. Good advice. She died during that fight with Katniss, right befor the end. She told us to win, to go home."

"And so we did." I add quietly.

"On to a happier topic!" Ceasar says, "What's life in District 2 like?"

"I spent a lot of time in the Gym," says Cato, "I didn't have anything better to do. But, now, I have a girlfriend. Things'll be different."

"I went to the Gym a lot, too. But a different Gym than Cato. They had some awesome throwing knives."

"Is that how you got that scar? The one that used to be on your arm?"

"This one?" I trace the smooth skin where it used to be.


"There was a fight, walking home. Seine didn't like my aim with the knives. She tried to damage the muscle... If I hadn't had my dagger, she would have succeeded. Seine was a few years older, and tall. Had a good fifty founds on me. I had to stab her in the gut to get her off me. She spent a month in the hospital, but she's fine now."

"Sounds like quite the fight." Cato smirks.

"You should've seen me try to explain it to the peacekeepers. With her half dead, and me with some bloody cuts, but not much else, it took me the better part of three hours."

"They let you go?"

"They figured I'd have to be suicidal to attack Siene."

"Wow. Subject change!" Ceasar announces. "Cato, wasn't there something you were going to ask Clove?"

"There was." Cato says, smiling. "Clove, will you marry me?" he pulls a ring out of his pocket.

"Of course! I love you, Cato!"

"I love you too, Clove."
The audience is going crazy. I don't think anything like this has ever happened before.


After a few minutes of conversation, the crowns are presented. A silver one goes to me, while Cato gets a sturdier, gold crown. After that, times up.

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