Battle Scars (A Clato Victory Story)

What if Cato and Clove won the Games?
Thank you Linde for the title.

Chapter 2

The Moment When A Tribute Becomes A Victor *Cato's POV*

Anyone want to help me come up with a title? Please?

In that moment, standing on the blood-slick surface of the Cornicopia, my life is changed forever. The girl I never worked up the courage to ask out is mine forever. Unless...
"Sorry I wasn't faster, Clove." I say, indicating the bruises and cuts all over her body from when Thresh dropped her against the side of the Cornicopia. From the stiffness in the way she moves, it must hurt. A lot.
"Cato, if you hadn't came when you did, I either wouldn't have been able to kill Finch, or dead. You have nothing to be sorry about."
A metal ladder descends to the bloody metal ground. Clove and I climb on.
Bzzt. A jolt of current freezes us. So we don't fall off, I guess. I wonder if anyone has.
Once in the hovercraft, two very buff people with very painful looking weapons separate us. I wonder if either of us will even be recognizable after they finish their... Whatever it is they do. I hope so.

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