I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

Bella Sparks: http://www.polyvore.com/bella_sparks-quibblo_story/set?id=55943577

John, Scarlett, Jackie, Mel and Andy: http://www.polyvore.com/perry_family/set?id=55934540

Mike, Kat, Ally, Derek: http://www.polyvore.com/johnson_family/set?id=55929750

I got this idea watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics , Hope you girls/guys like it!

Chapter 3

Dinner And A Bump

We arrived at and were quickly seated. I turn to see some familiar faces, like Michael Phelps, favorite to win the gold medal in swimming.
"Okay, so the Olympic,"said John,"Who you going for?"
"U to the S to the A,"replied Mike making us chuckle.
"Well, the USA of course, but in soccer Mexico,"I said.
"Trader,"said Mike.
"How am I trader?,"I asked,"I mean, after all I do have Mexican blood running through me."
"And British and American, also,"said Kat.
"Okay, okay, stop showing off,"said John.
"Hello, my name is Rain and I'll be your waitress tonight,"said a young lady handing us our menus.
"Ooh, that sounds nice,"said Scarlett reading her's.
"Um..I'll have the green pasta with a Dr. Pepper in an glass filled with ice,"I ordered with a sweet smile.
The rest ordered, while we were waiting for our food I noticed The Wanted had just entered.
"So, The Wanted and One Direction are here,"I heard someone say behind me, it was a female voice.
"Wow! Ten hot guys in one room..,"replied another, I quickly stopped listening.
I've heard about One Direction before, but I've never payed enough attention to them. Now, The Wanted is a whole different story, that boy Siva has fine written all over him.
"Enjoy your meal,"said our waitress coming with our food and drinks.
"Thank you,"we all replied as we started to dig in.
"This is by far the best green pasta I've ever tasted!,"I declared.
"Even better than mine?,"asked Scarlett.
"Like I said..By far,"I replied.
I continue to eat, when Ally reached for her coke knocking Derek's Sprite over. It fell all over me. My natural reaction was to jump up, and when I did the pasta fell on me too.
"Oh,"I heard Kat say, without even a word I rushed to the ladies room, trying to clean myself up.
Every pair of eyes turned to face me when I passed their table. My cheeks were already glowing red, this is so embarrassing.
I went into the restroom and quickly locked the door. I took of the the jacket and dress, and tried to get the stain off from the dress. I must of been there for about half an hour but no luck, I simply gave up and got redress.
I walked to see some girls seriously pissed waiting outside the door, the gave me some glares as I passed them. I simply stared at them, not knowing what to do, so, I kept walking.
"What else can go wrong?,"I asked myself, I probably shouldn't have, because once I finished asking I bumped into someone.
"I'm sorry,"I quickly said.
I looked up to see a boy, he looked like he had been crying, I was about to ask what was wrong, but he simply walked away.
"Well, that was rude!,"I exclaimed as I walked off too.
"Hey, we already paid, the rest are already waiting for us outside,"said Kat,"and sorry about Ally-,"she started to say.
"No, it's fine, it was an accident,"I replied, cutting her off.
"Okay, come on, let's get you home so you can take a shower and change,"she replied as both of us walked out of there.

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