I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

Bella Sparks: http://www.polyvore.com/bella_sparks-quibblo_story/set?id=55943577

John, Scarlett, Jackie, Mel and Andy: http://www.polyvore.com/perry_family/set?id=55934540

Mike, Kat, Ally, Derek: http://www.polyvore.com/johnson_family/set?id=55929750

I got this idea watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics , Hope you girls/guys like it!

Chapter 2

Family Plans

Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/quibblo/set?id=55986935
"Okay, so, why do I have to dress really nicely for the airport?,"I asked my sisters.
Today we were flying to London for our annual family vacation. We were already packed, we were just getting ready, well, I'm more like a dress up doll for my sisters.
" 'Cause, you know I met Mike on an airplane,"said Kat.
"And what does that have to do with me?,"I asked not getting the picture in this.
"What Kat is trying to say,"started Scarlett,"Is that it's time."
"Okay, you just freaked me out more!,"I said as my eyebrows came together.
"Okay, what we are trying to say is that is about time your little asz found a man,"said Kat finally getting to the point.
This actually made me laugh, which only got me glares from her.
"Okay, I just turned eighteen a couple of months back, and you already want me to get a man?,"I asked them,"Plus, I don't want another dumb-butt to cheat on me!"
"Hey I was your age when I met Mike, and Scarlett was seventeen when she met John,"said Kat.
"And you really have to let go of Josh the dumb-butt,"added Scarlett.
"Look I'll find a man when I want to find a man,"I told them, but they had already picked out my clothes,"But I'll wear what you have picked out."
"Okay, get ready while we go and try to get the kids dressed,"said Kat walking out, Scarlett followed her out of my room.
Out-Fit: http://www.polyvore.com/airplane_outfit-quibblo/set?id=56007164

When I was done I curled my hair, trying to please my sisters. After all is not like their dreams of me finding my dream guy isn't going to happen any time soon.
I finished with my hair, then moved to my make-up, which was light natural colors, and at last my jewelry, my favorite part personally.
"Hey, when you done can you help me with Derek, you know he only listens to you,"said Kat entering the room, trying to put on an earring.
"Yeah, let me just put this on,"I replied grabbing a necklace.
"Thanks,"she replied walking away, still fighting with the earring.
When I was done I hurried off to Derek's room, I had to pass all the others. Scarlett was having trouble with Jackie, Kat was still getting ready, John was changing Mel and Andy, and Mike was helping Ally choose a pretty dress.
"Knock, knock,"I said knocking on Derek's door, he quickly looked up at me,"Can I come in?"
"Of course aunty,"he replied with a smile.
"Your mother tells me you don't want to get dress,"I said walking into his room.
"I do, I just don't know what to wear,"he exclaimed pointing at his two selection.
"I'll go with the one with the U.S.A flag, let those British people know we have arrived, huh?,"I said squatting down eye level with him.
"I was thinking the same thing, but then mommy said that I would look better,"he said pointing to a neon blue shirt.
"Well, I'll go with the flag,"I stated,"And I know my fashion!"
"Yes you do,"he replied smiling grabbing the shirt and putting it on,"Thanks."
"No problem, let me start taking the luggage to the cars,"I told him walking away.

"Is everything ready?,"asked Scarlett.
"Yes, I put all the luggage in the red van, and the kids are all in their car seats,"I replied.
One of the reason they love to take me on trips is because I'm very organized and I make a great nanny. I don't usually like to spend my vacation baby-sitting, but it's worth it with this little ones.
"Okay, so, let's go!,"exclaimed Mike, we cheered with him making the neighbors look at us.
"Okay, we should stop that or we won't have any neighbors friend,"said Kat, kinda embarrassed.
"As long as I have you,"replied Mike hugging her from the waist, being his usual romantic self.
"Okay, okay. Stop being a lovey dovey and let's get moving, or we're going to miss our flight,"said John clapping his hands.
We all piled in, and John drove off, Mike following behind. Scarlett turned on the radio the song Set Fire To The Rain by Adele came on, making everybody in the car sing.
I got a text from my two best friends, Mika and Love. Yes her name is Love, her parents thought it would be cute.
Mika&Love: http://www.polyvore.com/mika_love-bestfriends-bella-quibblo/set?id=56003436

I red the text and smiled.
Hey Girlie!,
Well, you will be missed, I just hope time passes by flying.
Hey, wouldn't that be cool, time flying!
Well, this stinks! We were supposed to party before attending college
It won't be the same without you!!!
Right now we are both jealous, London!
Lucky Bi!tch!
Well, we hope you have fun, but not too much fun;))
Jejeje, if you know what we mean!
Well, we have to go and do us!
Luv Ya!

I looked at our friendship bracelets, both of them. They were only three in the world of each kind, and we have them. They have a great story to them, is about how me and my girls met.
We know each other since we were little girls, and we've been inseparable since then. Not leaving each other sides in school, work, except on family businesses.
I decided to respond, I already miss them and I haven't even gotten on the plane.
I already miss you guys!
And yes, I'm a lucky Bi!tch!
No promises on the ;)),
Jejeje, if you know what I mean!
Well, go and do what you go and do,
But do it looking amazing!
Luv Ya!

I returned my attention to my bracelets, the memory replaying in my head. We were just five years old when we met, now we are all eighteen.
"Did you really have to put on those bracelets?,"asked Kat,"They ruin your out-fit."
"Or the out-fit ruins them,"I replied, knowing she'll get confused and leave me alone, done! It worked!
We arrived at the airport I got down while getting the kids also.
"Okay, so, we have a first class section to ourselves, so, we won't be bothered,"said Kat.
"Yay for us,"I said without any emotions,"Now, Ally take you little brother's hand."
Ally quickly did as she was told. The man were unloading the van, while they got some help. Kat and Scarlett got Mel and Andy, while I got the other three.
"Okay, I don't want you two to let go of my hand, and, Derek, you don't let go of your sisters hand, got that?,"I asked them.
They all nodded, the boys finally finished, not to blame them each girl had packed about five bags each. We walked inside and hurried to door nineteen. Even though they was still plenty of time left, we wanted to get there early, just to calm down.
We walked to the lady, who seemed surprise that anybody was boarding right now.
"Passports and tickets please,"she said with a smile.
Kat turned and looked at me, I quickly motioned to her purse. She opened it and sure enough there was every bodies passports and tickets.
"Ah, you're our special guests,"she said noticing the tickets, more like rich guests,"Please enjoy the flight,"she said returning everything to Kat.
"Thank you,"we all replied as we walked in.
When we boarded they quickly directed us to our place, it was nice. We all quickly sat down, and started doing our own things.
"Now kids remember, you're not allowed to walk around..,"Scarlett started telling the kids, while I got my headphones, iPod, and book out.
The song Lullaby by The Mitch Hansen Band started to play as I started reading the book. It was a book about fairies, it was actually pretty good.
Halfway through the book I fell asleep, waiting for London.

I woke up by Scarlett, telling me we were about to land. How long was I out? Well, I guess God only knows.
When we landed I got the three little ones again, it was hard this time. Considering Jackie was asleep, and Derek was half asleep. Luckily, Ally helped me by quickly grabbing Derek's and my hand.
"Okay, remember, don't let go,"I told them.
I had to carry Jackie, she seemed light, but boy was she heavy! A limo was already waiting for us, when we got in people kept looking our way. They probably thought we were some athletes or something.
"Okay, so, I was just informed that we booked three condos, thee best view and everything. They each have three rooms, and don't worry Scarlett I made sure yours had two cribs,"said Kat reading from her phone,"Okay, so, Bella you're the only one with a condo to herself, please try not to trash it."
"I'll try my best,"I replied playing with her.
"Okay, when we arrived there they'll be waiting for us to take our luggage up, then John, you will get the keys, since the rooms are under your name, we unpack and go have a family dinner, understood?,"finished Kat.
"Yes my Queen,"joked Mike, making us crack up, but getting a glare from her.
"And everybody gets their own children!,"I quickly stated.
"Yeah, since you don't have any!,"replied John.
"Thank the lord!,"said Mike with a small chuckle and he playfully pushed me.
We continued to joke, well, mostly the boys and me, the rest of the ride.

"Okay, here you go. your room A909, top floor,"he said handing me four keys, those who looked like credit cards.
"I'll take one of those,"said both Scarlett and Kat, taking one key each.
"Why?,"I asked them.
"Oh, you'll see,"they said with a little smile as they put them in their purses.

The condo was nice, my favorite part was the swirlie stairs! I must of looked like a little girl as I ran up and down the stairs, awe, my girls would have been doing the same thing.

"Hey we are leaving, you ready?"said Scarlett entering the room, I just finished unpacking.
"Yeah,"I said letting out a huge sigh.
"Okay, come let's go,"she said.
I grabbed my purse and phone. I walked downstairs to see the rest of the family waiting for us.
"Okay I'm gonna need those keys back,"I said.
"Nah, I think this would be fun,"said Mike annoying me.
"Leave her alone dude,"said John laughing,"If anybody is going to annoy her is me."
"Please give me those keys,"I pleaded to my sisters.
"No, and don't worry,"said Kat,"We'll keep them in line."
"Or try, at least,"said Scarlett.
"Daddy I'm hungry,"said Ally.
"Than lets go eat,"replied Mike, making her laugh.
We left my condo, and I locked it. When we got downstairs a limo was waiting for us, and people were looking at us again. I wanted to tell them we were nobody important, but than I remember that my sisters are.
"Where are we going?,"I asked Kat, she always plans all of our family dinners.
"Well, we are going to this very, how can I say it, exquisite place. Big stars go there all the time,"she replied.
"Than why are you going?,"asked John, playing with her.
Scarlett gave him a playful punch in the arm, I started to laugh along with Mike, and Kat just glared at him. This is usually how everything is!
"Well, where ever it is, it better be good,"I simply stated, the boys quickly agreed with me.

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