I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

Bella Sparks: http://www.polyvore.com/bella_sparks-quibblo_story/set?id=55943577

John, Scarlett, Jackie, Mel and Andy: http://www.polyvore.com/perry_family/set?id=55934540

Mike, Kat, Ally, Derek: http://www.polyvore.com/johnson_family/set?id=55929750

I got this idea watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics , Hope you girls/guys like it!

Chapter 15


Louis and I were playing video games when we heard the front door open, then slam shut. We looked at each other with a worried expression.

"BELA SPARKS!"I heard Love yell my name.

"Oh no, I'm dead,"I replied with a small chuckle as the group entered the room.

"How could you two leave us there, you know how cramped we were in that little car....Love had to sit on Harry and I had to sit on Zayn,"Mika quickly said.

"It wasn't uncomfterble for us! We actually want to say thank you,"replied Harry making Zayn laugh.

"Hey, we had a good reason,"I replied tring to defend myself, before returning my attention to the video game, which was Mario Carts. Then I spoke to Louis,"I'm going to beat you know."

"In your dreams baby girl,"he replied making me laugh, giving the girls and boy a hint about our relationship.

"What's the reason that....wait, did he just call you baby girl?"asked Love surprise.

"I believe he did,"replied Zayn as they all step coser to us. Louis put pause on the game then put his arm around my waist.

"Surprise!" He exclaimed making me chuckle.

"You dirty little wh.ores!"exclaimed Love happy.

Mika just smiled big and nodded in my direction. The boys each had a smile on their faces.

"Finally, my boobear has found a perfect girl for him...just warning you Bella is you hurt him you'll have to deal with me,"said Harry.

"With us,"Zayn quickly added.

"And if your boy hurts my girl all of you, not only him, will have to deal with Love and me,"said Mika threating them.

"And there's not worse than the hurt girls best friends, because they will hurt the boy...or in this case the boys,"added Love. They all gave them a confuse look.

"You guys....won't be able...to have babies,"added Mika slowly so they could get it.

The guys all looked scared, especially Louis. I had to laugh at their reactions, and I knew my girls were speaking the truth.

"Awe, look at the cute little puppy,"said Love looking at Lola, making Mika look that way also. They went to play with Lola, leaving the boys scared out of their pants.

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