I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

I'm Only Here Because You Stole My Heart.....(One Direction Love Story/Fan-Fic)

Bella Sparks: http://www.polyvore.com/bella_sparks-quibblo_story/set?id=55943577

John, Scarlett, Jackie, Mel and Andy: http://www.polyvore.com/perry_family/set?id=55934540

Mike, Kat, Ally, Derek: http://www.polyvore.com/johnson_family/set?id=55929750

I got this idea watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics , Hope you girls/guys like it!

Chapter 1

Family Trip

I woke up to Jackie's and Ally's screaming. They were fighting, and it was probably for the dumb toy in the cereal box, again. I got up and slipped into my slippers, before dragging myself downstairs.
I live with my two older sisters and their families. Kat, the oldest, got custody of me when our parents died in a car accident. I was twelve at the time, and she was twenty, while Scarlett was eighteen.
We decided to live all together to keep our bond strong, even though it makes us want to kill each other the whole time. Plus, Mike and John are, mostly, always working, considering they are managers for famous people.
Kat is a dancer and Scarlett is a model, they say that they just do it to have a job. I'm just a normal girl, sometimes I model for extra cash, but nothing serious.
"Hey, why are you all fighting?,"I asked as I walked into the kitchen.
"She got the toy last time, now is my turn!,"exclaimed Ally, I was right.
Ally is five years old, while Jackie is six. They are cousins and best friends, except in the mornings. They become enemies for that small toy.
I looked at my sisters, their mothers, Scarlett was cooking and Kat was reading a magazine. I kept staring until Scarlett spoke.
"Can you please handle it, my hands are pretty full right now,"she pleaded, I rolled my eyes but did as I was told.
"Jackie, Ally is right,"I started to explain,"Is not right for you to get all the time."
"Fine, but next time I get it!,"she replied handing the small toy to Ally.
"Nope, next time is my turn,"said four year old Derek, walking in,"Morning everybody."
"Morning..and I will deal with that when the time comes,"I replied sitting on a stool.
"Morning sweetheart,"Kat said looking up from her magazine. She always says she loves it when Derek behaves like such a gentleman, just because she knows he wants something.
"Morning beautiful mommy,"he said, we all looked at him smiling waiting for him to drop the bomb.
Now, who did he learn this clever technique from? Well, from none other than his clever aunt, who just happens to be me.
"Why thank you, you're handsome yourself,"she replied.
"Mommy you know what I was watching last time?,"he asked.
"What?,"she asked. Here it comes.
"Well, I was watching Spongebob when a commercial came on, and it was about the Olympics, you know were each country goes to compete,"he said, we all nodded, even though he was only talking to his mother,"Well, there going to be in London this year, and you said it was my turn to pick what our family vacation this year was, right?"
"Yes, that's right,"she replied.
"Well, I want to go to London for the Olympics,"he replied with a sweet smile.
"Mmmh? That's actually not a bad idea, what do you say family?,"asked Kat.
"Say about what?,"asked Mike as John and him came in carrying Mel and Andy, the babies of the family.
Kat started to explain to them, saying that it was Derek time to choose anyways. I simply sat there quiet. Next year will be my year to choose, and I already know the place I want to go. It will be Paris, the capitol of love and fashion!
"That actually sounds like fun,"replied Mike,"Give me five little man."
"Yeah, that would be fun,"added John,"Finally something that will actually be fun for the whole family, and a four year old came up with it."
It made everybody in the room who was older than eighteen chuckle, getting glares from the little ones.
"Hey, why are you acting all surprise?,"asked Jackie.
"Yeah, we can come up with good ideas you know!,"added Ally.
"Of course you can sweeties, but we are acting like this because we wouldn't of thought of it,"Scarlett quickly explained.
"Oh, okay,"said Derek.
This little ones are sure smart for their age, the girls are top of their class actually. That's just one of the reason they win every person they ever meet over. The reasons are that they are smart, adorable, cute, lovely, playful, and they are just some of the most beautiful children you can ever meet, both inside as outside.
I guess their parents did a fabulous job raising them up, with the help of little old Bella here. I'm just glad I got and get to grow up with this amazing, crazy, fun, loving, beautiful family.
"Okay, so, I will call in, let my assistant take over, but he will have to keep me updated,"said John.
"Same here,"replied Mike,"So, can someone grab this beautiful things."
"Don't call my babies things,"exclaimed Scarlett.
"Look on the bright side, he did say beautiful,"I said as I grabbed Mel from Mike.
"Okay, give the beautiful boy, Andy!,"said Kat getting him from John.
The two man walked out of the kitchen, cellphone already in hand. They can't ever get a break from working. Good thing London is on the other side of the world!

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