Prospering Light~ A group story

A group story made by me and katty1989. <-- Add her!! Jade is really nice!!

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Chapter 2

Whispers and Shadows

"Skylar?" came a women's voice. I snapped my head at Mrs. Hart, who was standing in the front of the room. Her hands were crossed and she was glaring at me to answer the question she had asked earlier.

"Can you repeat the question?" I asked, knowing she probably wouldn't because she hates it when students don't pay attention.
"Lewis, please enlighten us," Mrs. Hart sighed exasperatly

I looked away embarrassed, tuned out again and turned my head to the window. It was a beautiful day outside, the breeze was calming as the leaves gently flew to the ground. They were colors of red, orange, and yellows. Brighting up this dismal place. I looked at the woods that were surrounding the school, when I saw it again. The figure, always darken, lurking within the outskirts of the tree line. It seemed clear that this thing didn't want to be seen by anyone else but me. I am the only one who sees it. Anytime I ask Aven or Mark if they see anything, they just give me a funny look.

I gasped silently when I saw it move. My stomach clenched tightly at the idea of it coming closer. I gave the classroom a visual sweep, hoping that someone saw it. Warmth spread through my fingers, but coldness spread into my heart. I filtered my mind through images since I couldn't recall anything from my night terrors. At the moment, the bell rung and class was over. I sighed happily, being able to breathe better and rushed out of the classroom.

As I hustled through the doorway, someone grabbed my upper arm and pulled me to the side. It wasn't hard pressure but hard enough to get me to move. I looked up and saw Marks face, he had concern and humor marked on his face.

"Ok what was that? You love english," Mark asked as he guided me towards his locker
"Yeah, just tired," I couldn't explain what had happened because Mark would just laugh at me. Before he could reply back, Aven popped up beside us with a joking smile.
"Get a room you two lovebirds. Mark, you have to share her!" Aven exclaimed as she played with a strand of my hair. Aven and Mark were my two best friends, both popular and beautiful. I laughed at the idea of going out with Mark.
"Hey are you still signing up for Prom Commette?" I asked Aven
"Uh, no! You girls don't set up Prom, you win it" Mark said while shutting his locker and putting the lock back on. We walked down the hall so Aven and I could get our stuff.
"As if! Sky is going to win, everyone loves her. But its just a plastic crown. Im sure they get it from the dollar store." Aven answered, I turned my head and looked at them.

Aven had beautiful long red hair with bright blue eyes, while Mark had wavy blond hair with big green eyes.
"And if I do win, I'll make sure to break it and give half to you." I smiled and Aven laughed slightly. She stopped us in the middle of the hall and held out her ring-covered hand
"Deal" she said, trying to sound serious
"Agree!" I exclaimed and reached out to shake her hand once before letting go and continuing on
"My girls..." Mark sighed as he threw an arm around our shoulders
"As if, honeybuns" she stated but moved in closer

After I said goodbye to them, I walked out to the parking lot. I wandered around the row of cars, trying to find mine. After the third row, I picked up my pace. A soft breeze flew past me and with it carried a sound. It froze me in place when I heard a man's voice. It said:
My mind raced, with all of these strange things happening, panic started to unravel my logic. I closed my eyes and desperately tried to wake myself up. This had to be another dream.

After a few minutes of realizing that I was standing in the middle of the lot with my eyes closed, I ran my hands into my purse. Hoping to find the car keys, I sauntered foward. Finally wrapping my fingers around the keys, I pulled them out and clicked the button. I heard my car and raced to it.

Once I saw it in view, I looked around and found no one to be there. I jumped inside the front seat, throwing my purse on the passenger side of my silver bug. Then jamed the key in, started the car and drove home.

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