Prospering Light~ A group story

A group story made by me and katty1989. <-- Add her!! Jade is really nice!!

Anyways... Do the three "r's"!! Read, rate, and reply to the story!!

Chapter 1

A basic summary before the first chapter!!

Skylar Chacy has finally turned eighteen and is living her life the way she has always planned. However, she continues to see things in the shadows. Skylar follows one of the monsters to a man-- her father. Once learning that she is a demon's daughter, she tries her best to be good and not like her father. However, fate continues to drive her into horrible situations and she becomes worse and worse.

With all the destruction that she has caused, God is forced to send down his most elite angel, Gabriel, to sort out Skylar and help her see the light. Can she find her way back to the light before it's too late?

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