Haha My Grandpa Can Dougie...He's Got Old People Swag Ha

Ha this was so hilarious....me and ma friends started cracking up...lol

Chapter 1

HELLZ YEAH, My Grandpa Can Dougie.

Haha we were in the grocery store and Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District (great dance you should try it ;3) and my grandpa was behind me. LoL he literally dropped everything and started clapping to the song..it looked really wierd at first....and THEN HE DOUGIED!!! Bahahahaha everyone started cracking up...I was stuck taking a video of it and laughing my as.s off. And then everyone started joining in.....kinda funny watching my grandpa beating 12 year olds in a dougie competition.....oh gosh it was priceless XD. Haha and my friends were all embarrassing me they were like yelling "SWAGGIE!!!"...haha I'm like so embarrassed...at the same time it was kinda cool.

I'm surprised we didn't kicked out :/

Ha you wanna see him dougie? I'll send a video ;)

Cya x3



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