OUCH! {Read if you like}

Keep reading, this is IMPORTANT information.

Chapter 1

Owie D:

Okay, so you people know how I love to run, right? Well, at recess yesterday, I was racing somebody. We started running, and it was through a crowd of people, on the pavement. I was doing fine (and I was ahead) until I tripped over somebody.

I have no idea who I tripped over. O.o

I remember running, and I remember being on the ground. I do not remember actually falling.

Everyone around me (like I said, we were running through a crowd of people on the pavement) started asking, "Are you okay?" and, "What happened?" Like everyone that saw me fall just stopped.

Guess what I did?

I said, "Yeah," got up, looked at the guy I was racing, and said, "But I am so gonna win this race." and took off running.

We started running around the track, but there were too many people, and we were going uphill, with a very narrow passageway, so he suggested we race later.

When I fell and got back up, the only thing I noticed was my hands. I just thought I had scraped them.

I walked the rest of the lap with my friends, and I had a mini-race with Hannah, where there were far less people around. When all of my people at the time were back together, the guy I was racing said we could race again because there were less people running around the track now.

But one of my friends happened to be swinging on the bars, so she was practically on the ground.

And she had a perfect view of my knee.

I didn't even realize anything had happened to it until then. But I had ripped my jeans, the pavement scraped my left knee, my right elbow, both of my hands, and my right hip really badly.

Like I said (or maybe I didn't), when I fell, nothing hurt. I just wanted to win.

My friends made me go inside to the office, blah, blah, blah. All that great stuff.

And then, in intervention, I realized I could barely write. I scraped the palm of my hand, so I couldn't press anything into it or put it on the desk. And guess what related studies I have?


So I just sat there drawing lines, because that's literally all that I could draw. I couldn't add detail.

And then in math, we had a test (that involved a lot of writing). My handwriting was pretty sloppy, but I made it through.

When I got home is when I really started to hurt.

I fell at about 11:40 am. And it didn't hurt until about 3:30 pm. It's hard for me to write, and right now I can barely walk, forget about running.

I totally feel like Katniss right now(:

But, seriously. Running is like my favorite thing to do. That and writing. And it's hard for me to type, since I can't rest my elbow anywhere without experiencing excruciating pain.

My mom doesn't want me online -_- So, if I'm not on, that's why.


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