So Most Of You Guys Know About My Ten Yr Old Sis With Cancer? BEST THING EVER TODAY ;)

Finally!! A GOOD


Chapter 1


This was so adorable. So I was at my sister's open house for her new middle school...and the cutest little boy ever comes up to her and is like "you're pretty". And if you didn't know..she has cancer. So sadly...she doesn't get that as much as she should. Because she's absolutely gorgeous. ANYWAYZZ this little boy he was probably like 9 years old...he bought her a popsicle from a consession stand :') Dude it was so adorable I was like so overwhelmed with joy and she yelled at me for "embarrassing" her. lol yeah it was a good day XD haha bye beautiful ;) MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THE WORST...or else I WILL go allninja on you. XD jk jk luv u gorgeous ;)

haha bye XD



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