one2five fanfiction!!!

this is dedicated to the super sexy boys of one2five Sam and Adam!

Chapter 1

shy and natalie hear strip for the millionth time

natalie knocked on shys door and shy opened it "where have you been?' shy pulled natalie
"did your mom go all ready?"
"Ya, come on!!!" shy said and she plugged in her ipod to the speakers and began to play strip.
"haha i love this song!" natalie laughed as the two besties began to dance
"adam are you sure were going the right way??' Sam asked as adam drove down piedra road
"Sam, i think i can read a map!" Adam said angry after driving around for an hour adam sighed "ok sam you read the map!"
"gladly," sam took the map, "you idiot you took the wrong turn!" Adam shrugged and then took the turn to Shy's house
"This it?'adam asked
"I think so," sam laughed
"How do you know?" adam asked putting the truck in park
"Strip is playing," sam laughed getting out and putting his signiture red hat on
"Oh," adam got out and followed sam was waiting at the door
"are you ready?" sam raised his eyebrow
"Just knock"
there was a knock on the door and shy was dancing and natalie was peeing
"ugh, fine." john walked to the door as natalie came into the living room
"whats going on?" natalie asked just as her favorite part was coming on
"is natalie and shy there?" a guy asked
"Ya why?" john asked
"john who is it?' natalie said walking to the door
"Hello gorgeous," sam said laughing sexy-like
"s-hy get your, OMFG!" natalie said
"well dont just stan there do we get hugs?" adam asked and sam opened his arms and patted his chest
"OH!" natalie hugged sam and shy almost collapsed into adam's arms
"you smell like candy," sam smiled still hugging natalie tightly
"ha-ha you smell amazing," natalie said
"OMFG!" shy said as adam picked her up by her waist
"You are very pretty, you know, i like brown eyes, they say brown eyes are good kissers," Adam said
"you know adam, i think natalie should be shown a good time since she is going to be the birthday girl." sam asked still hugging natalie
"Well sam what did you have in mind?" Adam asked
"Oh i dont know, TRUTH OR DARE?" adam asked looking at shy
"Nat, im sooo OK with that!" shy said
"Me too!" natalie said as sam slipped his arm around her waist
"Your really cute" sam whispered into natalies ear
"i-i, ah." natalie said and they all went into shy's new clean room

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