Tri-Foundation (Original Story - Not a Fanfic)

This will make sense if you know who the hell John Green and - AND MOST DEFINITELY - Stephen Chbosky are. Yes, I am aware that is incorrect grammar. At least I tried, dude. At least I tried.

09/14 Dude. Nine fourteen. Goodness, I don't want other people to know about it.
Like in TfiOS, AIA is Hazel's treasure book. And it hurts letting other people know about it. Haayyy. Okay.

Chapter 1

I Know that it is a Weird Title

"HA!" I yelled, slamming the pen down on the opened page of the notebook. So there is an infinite number inbetween integers, therefore concluding that there will be a time for us to have our moments of infinity...

My sister glanced at me, a snarl on her mouth.

I glanced at her, snorting. The idiot was on the coffee table, the only workplace that is available for us. We did not have the proper tables or studies, and as much as I have ranted on and on about that, no such luck entered my way. And so I was on the bed, hunched over with my back threatening to bend as I enter my seventieth year on Earth. That would be fifty six years away from now, by the way.

And by my calculations, it is indeed plausible that I will get my moment of infinitism. One day.

"Hey," I started, looking up. "Did you know that there're infinite numbers inbetween integers?"

She didn't even look up.

And so I laughed awkwardly, brandishing a faint little smile. "Yeah..." I casually bobbed my head.

By that time, I sighed and furred my eyebrows, focusing on how I would achieve this infinitism I speak of so dearly. What if I put two variables, namely A and B, and put myself as C while variable A and B are mingling at the present time, I could put the set as S equals x such as x is the people in a group...

I excitedly wrote on, thinking that if I did succeed in the formula, I could be, sincerely, genuinely, admittedly and honestly, delighted. But then the main problem came: how could I actually accomplish the task?


I glanced enviously at my seatmate, surrounded by people wishing for her presence. It strained my chest, yearning for the conversation and company she had. Gritting my teeth, I tried my best to mix in with the foliage, to not be branded as a person who always eavesdropped.

I was not exactly elated at being ignored or displeased with silence and peace; I was merely not good at conversations and preferred quiet over blurs of mouths not paying attention to what I was saying.

And what burned me the most was that they aren't exactly dumb.

In fact, they were smarter than me.

If I'm proud of achieving a grade of thirty five over fifty, they would get at least a score of forty seven. Therefore, I conclude I am stupid.

They can't even disagree wholeheartedly.

I didn't even realize that I was terribly bent over my textbook and gripped my pen so tightly that I was on the verge of tears. I mean, I can't just wipe it away. People would notice!

As discreet as I could be, I used my hair as a rug and resisted the urge to sob.

How emotional I am when the topic of friendship came by.

And I didn't even have anyone to converse with!

I sighed, trying my best to focus on how ores are very useful to the environment and not give off the aura of broodiness. I seemed to do that a lot - it was unhealthy, to be honest.

I missed yesterday evening, when I could have just read a book in the most uncomfortable position but still enjoy it. Comfortable or not, I did not give a damn as long as I could just experience the crap I can't experience.

Sometimes, I wish we can undo life and just be an embryo again; curled up comfortable with nothing to lose, except maybe life, no problems stressing us--

"You stupid biitch!" a girl screamed with white fisted knuckles as she scrambled into the room with that girl she was always seen with. Hey, I knew this chick, she was the most popular girl on our batch. Wonder what she's doing here.

"Oof! Hey, ow ow, no, that hurt, what're you, no please!" I pleaded shamefully as that psychotic maniac started to pull on my poor hair. The pain tore its way into my hypothalamus.

"You-- are-- a-- per--ti--nent-- goddamned-- pain-- in-- the---- leggo of me!" as she said every word, she tugged on my hair, and after she didn't have the chance to continue what she was originally going to say, a boy from another section took hold of her arm. But she was cunning. While the boy was pulling her arm, she also took my hair with it. And I swear to you, nothing hurt more than my pride.

"Get her off off me, please," I cried, my eyes tightly shut. I didn't even have the right mind to use correct grammar.

Finally, after three more seconds of pain and torture, she was taken at least a good distance away from me. Meanwhile, I was left on the ground, sobbing while this girl that didn't really give a damn about me cradled me and whispered, "Are you okay?" all over again. I dislike people like that - those putting up a display of sympathy. It disgusted me.

But first of, why the hell did that bloody bastarded female dog humiliate me?

I'm sure this is a mistake.

I'm certain of it.


Yo, people who are reading this. Wow, that sounded so lame. Anyway, so there's this low pressure area and holy crap. The floods reached below underpasses. So classes are suspended for a week. And I bet our sembreak is going to get affected. Sigh.

School is depressing. I bet you know that too. But school is even more depressing when you're stupid. Double sigh.

But food is great. My grandfather recently hired this maid, and we have new food on our table every two days. :3

So yeah, the equation above is simply stupid because I suck at Math. But since I love words, I took to mind that writing a story with math should inspire me as reading a book with characters, plot, math and dialogue should. But really, the solution simply says that by being a third-wheel to two other persons, she should have people to converse with. Ang simple di ba? Yep.
I am so unoriginal, luh. Wapakels lang. 'Kay.


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