Words Of Encouragement. (Please Read)

Live life,
Be yourself,
Just open your eyes,
And you'll see what the world is really about.

Chapter 1

by: gaypizza
Do you ever get the feeling, that something is missing? The feeling of emptiness, like you're just a shell. A waste of space, a shadow, a nobody?

I'm sure everyone gets it. But no one's a waste of space, a shadow, a nobody. We all serve a purpose, there is someone out there for you. There's a friend, a lover, waiting to find you. 

Do you ever wonder, what's the point? I have a countless number of times. There is a point. The point is, you figure out what life has in store for you. Everyone goes through ups and downs, but don't let the downs get to you. Life's like a never ending roller coaster. 

You never know what's gonna happen next. 

You don't know what's in store for you. 

But that's the point. You live, and find out. You'll find that person, the one who helps you. Through everything. 

But don't rush to find them. They'll come to you, eventually. Keep the wall up, and don't let the wrong people get to you. When the right person's finds you, you'll know. Trust me. 

Be strong now,
Because things will get better. 
It might be stormy now,
But it can't rain forever.

Don't pretend to be someone your not. That won't get you anywhere. Be yourself, and don't care what they think. True friends, they'll accept you. They'll love you for you. 

You just have to 
Live your life,
Not caring what they think.
And shake off,
The drama.
And prove to them,
You're better than they think you are.

Be strong through all the ups and downs. Things don't happen the way you want. The world is not handing you a silver platter. The universe is not going to bend so you get what you want. And a lot of times,

You'll say you want to die. 
But in reality,
You only want to be saved. 


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