my nightmare

a 17 year old girl who figers out she can see into the futer from her dreams all dreams tell a story what are yours telling you

Chapter 1


I was walking up a creep stiarcass when I head a sons of a gun being loaded I trunk to fine the love of my life pointing a gun at me I heard a boom and I feel to the grow I looked up at him and his face was full of anger he walked over and bent down and wispered in my ear but befor i could understand what he said i woke up o the sond of my brother slaming his door.
Now let’s stop the story and tell u more about me and my brother and our friends. I’m Bella-Thorn. I’m a 17 year old girl. I have long black hair with purple and blue eyes that sparkle, I’m not too skinny and not to fat I’m just right, I’m 5’6”. I’m what you guys would call a dreamer I dream the futer and I can either stop it or let it be. My brother name is James he is 19. He has a military haircut and his hair is brow and he has green eyes. He is 6’2” and has a sick back he is skinny but not super. He can also move stuff with his mind and he is also a player so he brings sluts home every now and aging. My best friend is Nick he is 18, his hair gose to his ears and is in his face a lot it’s black with blue high lights. His eyes are a gray that makes you melt and his voice is soft as the wind unlike my brother’s voice which is kind of husky. He has a 6 pack and is skinny he is 6’1” and as you can tell I’m in love with him. He is also a Grimm which is so cool.

should i finish my story


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