Im on the edge and ready to take the fall.

This is an original story I'm writing... its gonna be about a girl named Silver and her life..... sorry this isnt much of an intro.. but the idea just sorta came to me. so i dont even know where i can make this story go, its more of a free flow... oh well hope you guys like it..

Chapter 1


The cold air whips past me. I take a deep breath in through my nose taking in the sweet sent of the Autum leaves. I hear the birds in the distance singing a beautiful love song. I open my eyes and look down at the pavment twenty storys below. I take a step closer to the ledge and get ready to jump. I slowly slide my feet off of the roof. I spread my arms out on either side of me before allowing myself to lean forward sliding my feet off the ledge. I gasp as arms are wrapped around my waist and dragging me away from the ledge.

"No! Damn it! Let me go!" I beat my fists on Mike's arms and started kicking struggeling to get him off of me.

"Seriously? You think I'm going to let go of you so you can jump? Good luck with that." Mike continued to drag me away from the ledge till we were inside with me kicking and screaming the whole way. He cafefully sat me on the floor and quickly locked the door. I jumped up and tried to get past him.

I pounded on his chest cursing at him every way i knew how in any language i could think of. I tried slid past him but i was to slow every time i tried he just blocked my way. He let out a small sigh as I walked to the corrner and sat down hugging my knees in tears. He walks over to me and sits down next to me. He tries to put an arm around my shoulders but i slide away before he toutches me.

"Come on Silver. I'm trying to help you." I dry my eyes and jump up running for the door to the roof. I feel his hand on my shoulder just as my hand curled around the door nob. He ripped me back and i fell on top of him. I tried to crawl back to the door but he jumped on to me and pinned me down. "Why can't you be a good girl?" I bit at him and struggled to get away. I stopped trying to get away from him but his grip on my wrist never losened.

"I was on the edge and ready to talk the fall. You dont know what my life is like. You dont know me." I hiss at him though clenched teeth.

"Silver.... I know you. I accept you. I think im in love with you." Mike looks me in my eyes as he says the last part and I'm in shock. I stop straing against his hold as his words sink in.

How could he love me? No this isn't right. I never heard that said to me before. No one loves me. But he says he loves me.. My mind is reeling over the words and he gets off of me to sit next to me.

"I think I'm in love with you to Mike.." I look over at Mike and see tears in his eyes. I lean over and kiss him. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck, forgetting everything and everyone that has hurt me. For now, I am happy.

plz tell me what you guys think... I rly dont know if this is a good story or not... I just need to know if i should just delete it & move on, or carry on the story, Love yas!


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