The School of rock: Electric Warriors

Dun dun dun...follow up alert! Same scheme as the first one, students in their twenties, tutors older. On with the rock!

Chapter 34

Going Home

'We'll have to get together sometime. All of us.'
Nick nodded in agreement. He, Axl, Jobriath and Marc stood outside. Marc had suggested this when getting the last of his bags into David's car, a purple mini (he couldn't drive).
'Where is the English minstrel anyway?' Axl asked. Marc pointed over to the school, where David and Hansen stood, occupied in some conversation. Axl raised an eyebrow suggestively, and Marc shook his head.
'Nothing like that,' He explained. 'They're just talking.' No more was said on that subject, and David rejoined the group, looking a little more relaxed.
'You ready, Marc?' He asked. marc chuckled, but nodded. David shook the hands of Axl and Nick, and gave Jobriath a hug, before climbing into the driving seat of his car. Marc waved to them all, and also climbed in. The mini drove off, and a horn of another car beeped.
'Heyooo!' Slash called, sticking his head out of the window. 'Get in, motherfvckers!' Axl rolled his eyes, put motioned for Nick to follow.
'C'mon. He'll start spittin' water at us if we don't hurry up.'
Nick rolled his eyes, but waved goodbye to Jobriath, and got into the back of the black van. Jobriath waved off the car, before returning to the main building. He didn't have any idea how he was going to get home; he would just have to board at the School of Rock for a while. A horn honked behind him.
'Need a ride?'
Jobriath whirled around. David Johansen sat in his car, a red convertible, grinning broadly up at him.
'Least I can do,' Hansen continued. 'C'mon. Get in!' Jobriath shrugged, and picked up his bags, shoving them in the back. He climbed into the car, and smiled slightly.
'No problem.'
As the car sped off, Jobriath looked over his shoulder, back at the school of rock. It had been a strange experience, but memories of the goings on there would surely stay with him forever. Then his stomach lurched when he saw the figure on the steps.
No, he got expelled. It couldn't be Sid Vicious.
Could it?

That's it, kids! Hope you dug it!

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