The School of rock: Electric Warriors

Dun dun dun...follow up alert! Same scheme as the first one, students in their twenties, tutors older. On with the rock!

Chapter 3

Paid me a visit

Jobriath had always hated Sid Vicious. So it wasn't too lucky that he lived in the student house next door to him. Sid hated the way Jobriath painted his face up like a clown every morning, and Jobriath hated Sid's anger (which he took out on everybody). So when Jobriath answered the door that afternoon, he wasn't surprised when he got a punch straight to the jaw.
'And that's what I think of you puffs!' Sid yelled. He gave Jobriath another punch, wanting him to fight back. But he didn't. Jobriath simply staggered backwards, taking every hit like a...well, not like a man, necessarily. Tears were streaming down his face, and he was yelping.
Soon Jobriath was crumpled on the floor, holding his bleeding nose.
'Is you say 'Hello' where you come from?' He asked, voice coming out nasally. Sid replied by kicking him. It felt good. It felt good to have a human punch bag. What Sid needed was a buzz. And by living in a student house he wasn't getting that buzz. So he took it out on the man in the house next door, simply because he was the weakest. Satisfied, Sid left, slamming the door as he went.

'What the bloody hell happened to you?!' David exclaimed, looking at Jobriath's black eye and nosebleed that was just dying down. Jobriath pressed a clean tissue to his nose, as David wrapped a cold towel round his head. 'Did the birds attack you or something?' Jobriath grinned, realised how much it hurt, and stopped.
'I wish,' He said.
'Well what happened?' David repeated.
'My dear friend, Sid Vicious, payed me a visit.'

Soon, night fell, and Axl couldn't sleep. He looked across at Nick, who's chest slowly rose up and down. He looked almost angelic when he was asleep, not speaking, not being cynical about anything. Nick had taken off his makeup beforehand, and in Axl's opinion, looked much better. Axl sat up, and knelt by Nick's bedside, shaking him frantically. Nick's eyelids fluttered open slowly.
'Axl...what are you doing?' he murmered.
'I can't sleep, Dollface,' Axl whispered. 'What should I do?' Nick propped himself up on one elbow, eyes not entirely open yet.
'I dunno, lie down and shut your eyes,' He said. 'Count sheep if that helps...just don't wake me up.' With that, he rolled over and went back to sleep. Axl sighed, and returned to his bed. He tried counting sheep, but one of them decided not to jump over the imaginary little fence and run out into the wide world. The sheep then got attacked by a hungry looking wolf and-
'FVCK THAT WOLF!' Axl ended up yelling. He then mentally kicked himself for letting the sheep get maimed by a wolf. After checking to see whether he had awoken Nick (which he hadn't), Axl rolled over and shut his eyes tight, quietly mumbling through 'Welcome to the jungle' in his head. It wasn't exactly a lullaby, but soon Axl was out like someone had hit him with a cricket bat.

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