The School of rock: Electric Warriors

Dun dun dun...follow up alert! Same scheme as the first one, students in their twenties, tutors older. On with the rock!

Chapter 2

Student house 57: Axl and Nick

'What in the name of fvck is this?' Axl asked, examining Nick's purple jacket with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. Nick rolled his eyes.
'Dont you get depressed how the f word has to be in every one of your sentences?' He said, snatching the jacket away from him. 'It's an Anthony Price jacket.' Axl was suitably nonplussed. Nick rolled his eyes again. That man seriously knew nothing about fashion.
'You seriously wear that fvcking thing?'
'Again? With the f word?' Nick sighed, as he hung the jacket up on a hanger and put it into the wardrobe. Axl raised his hands in surrender, making one of those 'I'm innocent' faces he was so annoyingly talented at making. Nick's irritance melted slightly, and he continued to sort out all his clothes.
Axl leant back in the chair, and put his feet up on the table. He began to fiddle with his bandanna, bored with Nick's clothes sorting. The moment Nick bent over to pick up a tie that had fallen on the floor, Axl seized his opportunity and kicked him up the backside.
'Ow!' Nick exclaimed, standing upright. He scowled at Axl over his shoulder. 'Fvck you.' Axl grinned, and waggled his finger.
'Again, with the f word, Nick? Tsk Tsk. Naughty,' He gave a flirtatious wink, which Nick blatantly ignored, as he hung up a maroon silk jacket. 'ah. Rejected again.'
'Dont take it personally. I reject everyone.'
Axl smiled thinly. He hated that Nick kept putting on this apathetic act. But still, he said nothing. After all, he didn't want to tell him anything too early.

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