The School of rock: Electric Warriors

Dun dun dun...follow up alert! Same scheme as the first one, students in their twenties, tutors older. On with the rock!

Chapter 1

Student house 3: Jobriath, David and Marc

Jobriath Salisbury tilted his head as his gaze returned to the bird flying around in the garden. This was a ''real'' bird of course, and not just a figment of Jobriath's unruly imagination. He wished he was the bird. It looked so free, and happy, it made him jealous.
Obviously, Jobriath had things that the bird didn't have, and that extinguished his jealousy almost immediately.
'Opposable thumbs rule,' He said dreamily to himself, unaware that David Bowie had entered the room.
'Yes, they do,' David answered, as he sat down opposite Jobriath and began to read his newspaper. ' I couldn't read this paper without 'em.' Jobriath snapped to life, shocked that his thinking time had been disturbed. But then, since it was David, he supposed he could forgive him.
'I was trying to put myself in a higher position than that bird.' Jobriath said. David had learnt to just smile and nod when Jobriath made comments like this.
'The sooner you stop comparing yourself to birds, the sooner you can get some friends,' Teased the voice of Marc Bolan as he entered the room with three glasses of orange juice. He put them on the table, and David rolled his eyes.
'He HAS friends.' He told Marc, who made a face.
'Yeah? Who? The birds?'
David whacked him on the arm with his newspaper.
'No, us, you bloody nonce!' He exclaimed. Jobriath smirked. It was rather funny whenever David tried to defend him.
'I was only joking, Mr Protective.' Marc said to David, flashing a winning smile at Jobriath. Jobriath didn't smile back; he returned to his bird watching.
'Oh bird, why do you turn to the sky from me? Tis spring, oh bird!' He mumbled, as if the bird could hear him.Marc and David threw each other a glance; a glance they had used so often, and a glance that they were going to use a lot more often. It was a glance that said 'Jobriath Salisbury is insane'.

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