Hey, it would mean a lot if you could read this. So could ya please?

Yeeeaaaahhhh... for once the title doesn't tell you anything about what this is and I really can't be bothered explaining... so just read it yeah?

~Aylla xx

Chapter 1

Screw you chapter titles, what if I dont wanna use one? Hmm, ever thought of that?

Yeah, anyways, wrote this One Direction Larry Stylinson fanfic called Not Right Without you and I really can't be bothered typing it up again and posting it on Quibblo so if you wanna read it heres the link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1740231-not-right-without-you-larry-stylinson Yeah, theres only one chapter but when I update I'll post the link here for it, okay? Well thanks for taking the time to read this, bye bye,

~Aylla xx


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